60 Unique Welding Project Ideas for Your Home, Hobbies, or To Sell

Understanding and getting a brief knowledge about welding and its troubleshooting can help one be self-dependent for doing any kind of repair works in their households. You won’t need to get supervision from any professional welder or so and you can do weld as per your wish by knowing all of its types and drawbacks too.

By the way, it not only makes you self-dependent rather, but it also helps you get small wages doing part-time jobs elsewhere and as welders are paid based on an hourly basis, you will be rewarded high! Now it doesn’t matter if you do weld as a full-time or part-time job or consider it only as a hobby, welding any kind of DIY projects will help you improvise your welding skill and get you greater ideas.

SO here are some of the best available and pretty well-known DIY projects for you to try in your spare time.

60 unique Welding Project Ideas

1. Coffee Table

You don’t need to purchase a new coffee table every time if you are moving to a new home or else have an older one damaged too badly. Purchasing a new one from the furniture store will not ideal for some and hence here is our solution.
If you have a piece of granite or glass, of the size you wish to have or purchase one, you can save a lot of money. An ideal frame could be of the dimensions of 30-inch x 48-inch x ¾-inch thick piece of granite or glass. You would also need to purchase ½, 1-1/2, 2-1/2-inch tubular sheets of steel for the base frame. Using an AC/DC stick welder could help you speed up the entire welding process.

coffee table

For further details on the requirements and welding process, Visit Here

2. Welding Table

After all, you will definitely at some point in time need the use of a welding table to do your projects that will require a larger space and some precise modeling. It will also help you with the best table that will not get damaged or worn out at any means of hard processes done on it. This could be the best tryout project for beginners to begin their welding life here. Here is the link from where you can learn to make one.

Welding Table

3. Outdoor Bench

Enjoying the morning sunshine whilst relaxing and enjoying the wind outdoors is one of the best feelings to start with a day. You won’t need to worry about how or where to sit outside as we have the best solution that is to build an outdoor wooden bench! Here are the steps to build one for yourself.

No matter what others might say, sitting outside your house is much better than staying outdoors somewhere else.

Outdoor Bench

4. Steel Bowl

Making a steel bowl would be of great help to store any kind of article in it from fruits to decorative items or even to store contents as per your requirements. This project requires an upper hand in TIG-Welding with some good ideas with its drawbacks and also the troubleshooting processes. Here is a detailed article on how to weld this steel bowl to perfection.

Steel Bowl

5. Steel Vase

Every household requires a flower vase to make it look homely and elegant when there is a family living there or so. People tend to cultivate or keep artificial flowers in one’s house to maintain serenity in the house. Similar to the previous one, this welding process is related to TIG-Welding. So, make sure you have good knowledge of it. Here is the step-by-step process.

Steel Vase

6. Starlight

A night lamp or its alternative makes a house romantic and gives an eccentric feel to the night. We have an alternative, a star that glows using LED lights and makes the room feel energetic with some yellow lights. This could also supply an amazing yet refreshing gift for your loved ones. Here is a detailed explanation to construct it along with a video to demonstrate the entire process.


7. Steel Planters

Earlier you would’ve seen the project where we constructed a beautiful flower vase. Now, do you really need to buy flowers? Here is a solution makes it even more interesting. You can make metallic flowers/planters that glow. You would just need a MIG welder and some mild steel metals around you. Here is a detailed description of the process.

Steel Planters

8. Bar Stool

Have a bunch of friends you want to have around your house and chill with them during your quarantine days? This could be the best time to check your welding skills and have an amazing time chilling around during the nights. Here is a bar stool that is minimal and looks elegant to any kind of bar setup you might have n your house. You may see the best ways to build one yourself here.

Bar Stool

9. LED Flowers

You might consider this project as one kind of a bummer, but this could be a great gift for your loved ones without spending much and would be unique enough to impress them. It could also provide aesthetic beauty to your living room or your desk setups. An LED flower that is welded using plastics could be an amazing choice. Here is the detailed guide to making one.

LED Flowers

10. Horseshoe Words

You can make unique words or names for yourself to keep a particular name or something for any particular place to make it look rustic and unique at the same time by welding some pieces of metal to form words. You would need a MIG welder and some mild steel to make such a decorative piece.

This link could help you get on with one such project.

Horseshoe Words

11. Scrap Metal Motorcycle

You got some rusted pieces of metals or bolts lying around after a heavy thunderstorm in your garage? You don’t need to throw them instantly. It could be reused for the best case to make some decorative showpiece like this motorcycle below. You can make one for yourself following the steps given here:

Scrap Metal Motorcycle

12. Doorbell

Have you got some tiny cylinder leftovers in your workshop? Well, it could be handy in this project. A doorbell can always come in use anywhere, your house, workplace, rooms, etc. This could be a minimalistic and useful implication of an argon cylinder. Say thanks to ‘cammers’ as he has given us a detailed explanation along with a video tutorial here.

13. Firepit

Want to have an enclosed pit or base to fire some wood for your outdoor barbeque grills? Here is a good solution to that without spending a penny using a half-sheet of steel and some of your welding skills. You can get help from this article to enhance the quality of your product and dimensions from Here.


14. Pencil-holder

Make your desk clutter-free by placing your pens and other utilities in this homemade pencil-holder. It will give a contemporary look and stay minimalistic at the same time. You can add your essence of art to make it look beautiful. Here is a tutorial to make one yourself.


15. Hanging Steel Pan Rack

If you are running out of space in your kitchen, then an ergonomic and minimal rack to store or hang your utensils could provide a great solution in providing you with more cooking space. This metallic rack is made from mild steel and some MIG welding tools and nothing more. It would need you to spare some time to build this. You can learn and make one yourself from this link

Hanging Steel Pan Rack

16. Bronze Hammer

Even though you have a steel hammer at home, a bronze one would definitely be the one that has a great life and resistant to any kind of harsh processes or construction purposes. You can make one at home by yourself if you know MIG welding well. Here is a step-by-step tutorial along with a video to guide you through.

Bronze Hammer

17. Aluminum Tote Tray

An aluminum tote tray comes in handy in your workshop to hold all the grinders, grinding wheels, and other nuts and bolts. Guess what? You can make one at home for yourself and it is quite simple and doesn’t need much of your welding skills to be perfect. This guide will help any person or even a beginner to make one for himself.

Aluminum Tote Tray

18. Metal Biplane

We know that there are various kinds of miniature planes, RC planes, and even other kinds of solar-powered ones too. But making out of your own hands using scraped-out steel pieces and a MIG welder is one to be kept as a relic. It will be unique of its kind and the size that you would wish it to have. You can gift your son or relative for sure. Make one for yourself by following the steps given here.

Metal Biplane

19. Barrel Stove

Got leftover empty barrels that you don’t want to dispose of or don’t know what to do with them anymore? Here is a trick using some mastery in welding to turn it up into a stove using some firewood to cook some amazing outdoor food including bacon and meat! Here is a video tutorial to begin your process:

Barrel Stove

20. Steel Washer Bowl

You can use your elite welding skills and sharpen your existing skills making this beautiful-looking washer bowl. It can be used as a dishwasher in your kitchen occupying less space and looking elegant. Watch this video to get going with the project:

Steel Washer Bowl

21. Industrial Shelving

Ever wondered how much would it cost to buy a large industrial shelf to store all your essentials and utilities in your workshop? Well, you can build one for yourself using some of your welding skills and do an affordable one quite easily. Just follow the procedure given here.

Industrial Shelving

22. Flower Bouquet

If you got a girlfriend or want to gift something very special yet unique for your closest one, then this metallic flower bouquet should be the one you are looking for. You can use scraps of metal and welding tools to make one. Just follow the steps given here in this article

Flower Bouquet

23. Pair of Scissors

You might think that a scissor is nothing but a combination of two knives screwed together! But no, it requires perfection, and looking closely you can see that it is quite intricate and complicated on its own. You can make one though, using this tutorial in this article by using welding.

Pair of Scissors

24. Photo Frame

One of the best gifts one can gift anymore whether family or friend is a memory of them together from the past in the form of a picture in a photo frame. Buying a photo frame will never fulfill your needs and the mood you are in as it will be made with a general perspective that can never be satisfactory. So why not make one yourself. Follow this video tutorial to learn to make it in a few hours:

You can purchase one for your requirements here.

Photo Frame

25. Go-Kart Vehicle

As a child (generally boys), driving a go-kart buggy was like driving a Porsche and we all had fun driving it at the rally zones. Now we can even make this. It is a tedious task but if you have like 2 more people to guide and help you make it, it won’t be a pain. Use this link and follow the steps given to make one for yourself.

Go-Kart Vehicle

26. Sectional Couch

Ever thought of purchasing a sectional three-seater sofa for your living room? But found it to be too expensive or not of your type? Then why not build one for yourself then! Here is a step-to-step process to build a metal frame for the sectional couches.

You would just need to buy the cushions of the required sizes.

Sectional Couch

27. Bathing Shower

Have you ever thought about the shower you’re bathing in and how is it made? Well, practically now it is possible all because of how well the welding tools have improvised. This procedure can be followed to construct a wide and good-looking minimalistic shower at home. Click Here for the Link.

Bathing Shower

28. Stainless Steel Door

If you are an expert in TIG, MIG, or even Arc welding, then welding a door out of some metal sheets won’t be a hard task for you. Try this tutorial to build a door of the dimensions as per your requirements and do not forget to make sure the joints are welded well or else troubleshooting them would waste an enormous amount of your time. Link to the descriptive process.

Stainless Steel Door

29. Stainless Steel Handrail

You can design and construct the railing of the stairs in your house, workplace, etc, and it could be of the style and ergonomics of your wish and it could be as unique as you like your interiors to be. People would start adoring your household and rather it may even get you a highly paid part-time welding job. You could follow these instructions to understand the basics and the requirements of welding one such handrail. Check the Step by Step Instructions Here.

Stainless Steel Handrail

30. Keyholders

Welding a key holder using old scraps of metal and even kitchen utensils could be a way of reusing all the unwanted metal stuff in your house. You could make the same one or else do something of your own choice. Read this article to get an overview of the build.


31. Lampshade

Using a scrap steel sheet, a steel lampshade would be very easy to weld. Watch this tutorial to make one at home:


32. Pogo Stick

This is a quick instruction guide to make a toy for yourself. Many kids love to play this outdoors. Though we have to be careful not to fall off from it as it is highly risky, it is amazing to play with. Check Out This Interesting project here.

Pogo Stick

33. Corner Desk

If you need more space in your room without occupying much of your walking space, then constructing a stable that blends with your corner walls would be the best option! Here is a quick start guide to help you with making one yourself using minimal tools as much as possible.

Corner Desk

34. Steel Stools

If you have thick steel wires and some wheel-shaped metal pieces, they are good to go. You can make these but it takes some time for its finishing as it is not an easy process. You will need some grinders and a welder, to begin with. Follow the procedure Here.

Steel Stools

35. Aluminum Archangel Wings

You must be familiar with the Marvel character Archangel. What if you could have those in your real-life! Archangel could be an amazing option to use in a fashion show and as we know uniqueness and weirdness is highly prevalent in every fashion show. The procedure to make one is given here.

Aluminum Archangel Wings

36. Metal Targets

This project is quite rare for most people but it is useful for those who own pistols and other AR guns in their household. Aiming practice is very important and hence this can be made but requires some basic welding techniques. See this post for more information regarding the procedure to make this.

Metal Targets

37. Horseshoe Wine shelf

Being a beginner in welding, the wine rack can be easily made using a basic MIG welding tool and some horseshoes that are leftover in your workshop. You will need to follow this guide if you are new to this or else just understand how it is done and getting an idea. Here is the Guide.

Horseshoe Wine shelf

38. Steel Bumper

If you own a large truck (a 4×4 most probably), then you would prefer to have a bumper in the front of the vehicle for some protection. There are several options out there and purchasing them is easy but expensive at the same time given all the options you have got. You can save plenty of bucks if you are an expert in welding and its techniques and are willing to make one yourself. Here is a generalized guideline to take you through the whole build process.

Steel Bumper

39. Car Ramp

This project is meant for someone who wants a car ramp in a large warehouse f their own for a small business or to constrict one for a big company. Here is a detailed guideline given along with the video tutorial.

Car Ramp

40. Engine Barbeque Stove

Ever thought of having a unique-looking stove to barbeque outdoors that might astonish your neighbors? Well, here is a guide to building a stunning grill for your outdoor cooking using an ancient worn-out engine. Check the Detailed Step by Step Guide Here.

Engine Barbeque Stove

41. Fireguard for Log Burner

For people who have a log burner in their living or dining rooms and also have kids who play around often, it is safer to give a shield or protection around it. This project mainly deals with such a metal protector that can be welded according to your needs and dimensions required. You can follow this guide to start your welding process.

Fireguard for Log Burner

42. Metallic Fork

People who don’t eat with their hands prefer a fork to any other cutlery items. You can make one too if you are good at soldering and have some idea about welding processes. Let us see how a fork as such can be made from a sheet of metal!

Metallic Fork

43. Work Table with Storage

Ever wondered how to make a table with a lot of storage area that fits your needs? You can make one if you are good at welding rather than purchasing one! Follow this guide made by ‘CarterBond’ using this link

Work Table with Storage

44. Magnetic Welding Earth Clamp

If the welding clamp on your welder got worn out or it isn’t that good enough, why not weld one for yourself? If you have got an old large speaker in your house that is not used anymore, well you got a new earth clamp for the welding machine. Follow these steps one-by-one using this link

Magnetic Welding Earth Clamp

45. Spiral Cone Legs

You can make your tables look amazingly simplistic without compromising on the quality and loads they can handle. Here is an iconic idea to weld spiral cones instead of traditional wooden square-shaped legs for your tables. This can be purchased Here. Or else if you have all the welding tools and skillset. You can follow the procedure from here.

Spiral Cone Legs

46. Window Latch

Olden type of window styles generally makes the use of a latch to hold it firmly while opening to the frame of the window. Here is a project/DIY for you to excel and get an upper hand in welding. Follow the instructions given in here.

Window Latch

47. Fighter Plane

Here is a cool project that could make you stand out in the ‘wealth out of waste’ kind of competition where you will need to use some recyclable/scrap materials lying around you. This is a miniature of a fighter jet plane made out of a spark plug. You will need to have enough time to make it to perfection. Also, make sure you have got all the requirements including safety items. You may follow these instructions to make one for yourself.

Fighter Plane

48. Library Shelves

So, if you need a shelf or a rack for your local library or the library of an institution, it can be made by a welder as such. After all, it is made up of a metal frame and some wooden paddings on top of them. Here is a quick guide that can help you to make one if you have the basic welding ideas and knowledge about its troubleshooting. Get The Guide Here.

Library Shelves

49. Hot Smoker

A large hot smoker for one’s needs is always priced very high for an average earner. After a lot of research and experiments, here is a homemade, well, self-welded hot smoker using a couple of old gas bottles. This could save you a lot of cash and help you with your welding skills too. The guidelines to make one are given here.

Hot Smoker

50. Firewood Rack

Having a ton of firewood for cooking purposes in your home and have no idea where to store them? Well, here is a quick solution to sort them and also use them as artwork in your house to make them as a prop. A small rack could be welded using some metal pieces together and store them well. Use this link to learn to make it yourself.

Firewood Rack

51. Coat Rack

People who are big music fanatics and have an interest in music fields will generally want to have all their things customized to some music. Here is a coat rack that is welded into a unique shape to fulfill a musician’s needs. The coat hangers are musical notes welded to the rod. You can make one by the procedure given here.

Coat Rack

52. Radial Engine Toy

If MIG or TIG welding is your niche, here is a very unique and cool-looking toy that might amuse your welding skills. It rotates like a Beyblade! You will need some spark plugs, screws, bearing, etc to begin making it. Follow the guidelines given on this website to make one.

Radial Engine Toy

53. Teeterboard

People who do acrobatics and other sorts of tricks as their hobby or as an income-generator, you can make one yourself if you or your friends know Arc Welding. It requires a large plank of wood and some welding metals, that’s all! Follow this instruction and use the video tutorial as it will guide you better if you are willing to make one.


54. Geodesic Sphere

For people for whom welding is their niche and daily jobs, it could be a good try at your DIY projects. It also gets you more awareness of welding and also helps you master it soon. Follow the guidelines given here.

Geodesic Sphere

55. Wine Bottle Holder

Are you a fan of collecting wine bottles or drinking champagne is in your routine? Here is a bottle holder like never before. It can be welded easily and you will just need rings of chain and some welding tools. If you have an unfinished bottle, this can be highly applicable to be used somewhere in your living room or coffee table. You may see the procedure given by ‘M3G’ on this website

Wine Bottle Holder

56. Card Holder

You have a lot of business cards of various types and don’t know how to sort them or find your card-holder retro? You can weld a unique and cool-looking card holder made out of metal sheets that are shaped like that of a miniature dog. Follow the procedures given in the manual supplied by the owner on this page

Card Holder

57. DIY Metal Sign

If you have impressive welding skills, then making a metal board with a sign of your own would look damn cool. We will see how to make a custom template metal beard using our welding skills. Use this website to make a new board.

DIY Metal Sign

58. Engine Coffee Table

The prices of purchasing a coffee table scare you away? If you have an old used engine at home or your warehouse, here is a guide to help you make an amazing coffee table welding an engine and sheets of glass. You need to have basic experience in MIG welding and you are good to go. Follow the procedure on this website

Engine Coffee Table

59. Miniature Forklift

A cool DIY welding project for one is to make a miniature forklift for yourself. It is a very tricky and time-consuming process to look at the details and crafting each element separately. But making a forklift is very amusing and will make you sense the reality of a hardcore welder. Here are the steps to make a forklift model like the one shown above.

Miniature Forklift

60. Pyramid Planter

People who are highly involved in activities that conserve the earth and improvise plantations, here is a cool project if he/she knows to weld too. Using MIG welding tools and some grinder tools we can construct such a nice project to build a frame to hold any kind of planters and it will also provide an ideal look to your home interiors. Use the link provided to make such a frame.

Pyramid Planter