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American Welding Society
Site of the AWS (nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing science, technology and application of welding); provides library of info on welding.
Website: www.aws.org
Edison Welding Insitutute (EWI)
Site of the EWI (largest nonprofit, industrially driven engineering organization dedicated to advancing advancing and applying materials joining technology to benefit industry).
Website: www.ewi.org
Hobart Institute of Welding Technology
Site contains details for prospective welders on certification, training, course registration, etc.
Website: www.welding.org
Site aimed at uniting buyers and sellers of welding products in efforts to optimize their sales effectiveness and efficiency; also provides educational info on many aspects of welding.
Website: www.welding.com
Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA)
Site of GAWDA (organization aimed at promoting info on safety and economic vitality of distributors associated with welding industry).
Website: www.gawda.org
Welding Rod Litigation Information Network
Web site in order providing interested parties and the general public with access to key studies and other documents, procedural updates, and important commentary regarding the welding rod litigation now pending in several jurisdictions around the country.
Website: www.weldinginfonetwork.com
MPC (Material Properties Council), WRC (Welding Research Council), PRVC (Pressure Vessel Research Council) website
Site coordinates research and development for industry.
Website: www.forengineers.org
Tulsa Tube Bending
Tulsa Tube Bending is an American Tube and Pipe Bending Company.
Website: www.ttb.com


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