Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Reviews and Buying Guide

Hobart Handler 210You have decided to purchase your own welder. You are definitely in a situation where you are sick of asking and getting recommendations from other specialists and welding professionals about the best MIG welders in the market.

You might get a welder to train on the basics and begin your career as a welder or else you have a lot of small projects that you can do in your garage to gain good experience on your own. Let’s dive deep into Hobart Handler 210 welder.

The market is filled with cheap welders from China that have poor build and do not produce distortion and spatter-free welds at all. You can’t just say that yet! Because we have got you an ‘American-made’ MIG welder that fits right into your budget.

We made an in-depth review of the Hobart Handler 210 welder which might be a great option for you if you are a beginner or a professional welder already. Without further adieu, let’s get to the review.


Hobart is one such company that has spent more than 100 years analyzing the needs of each and every welder and perfected its machine to be free of flaws.

Since then, Hobart has been working to make the brand a symbol of excellence making it MIG welders versatile, powerful, and feature-packed.

If you are on the chase for a MIG welder that ticks all your questions right, then, this might be the best MIG welder for you!
Hobart Handler 210
The Hobart Handler 210 has almost 70% 5-star ratings and good performance for a long period of time.

This is one of the most convenient MIG welders from this brand as it is compact and you can run it at 210A of solid power.

It weighs around only 79 lbs. It is the best bang-for-the-buck if it is compared with other MIG welders in the market at the same price point.




Brand nameHobart
ModelHandler 210 MVP
Height12 – 3/8 in
Length19 – 1/2 in
Width10 – 5/8 in
Duty Cycle20% @ 90A
Input Voltage115/230 V
Process TypeFlux Core, MIG
Product weight79 lb
Weld Thickness24 gallons – 3/8 in
Wire Feed Speed Rang40-680 IPM
Welding Amperage Range 11525-140 A
Welding Amperage Range 230V25-210 A


Basic Features Hobart Handler 210 welder


The Hobart Handler 210 is a highly versatile and compact MIG welder that helps you obtain high-quality welds. It is completely made in the USA and comes with two basic power options which are at 115V and 230V of input. This is because of the types of voltage positions for 230V and 4 voltage settings for 115V that help in some precise welding and welds that do not have spatter, distortion, cracks, or pores.

The power output has a range from 25A to 210A when using at 230V and 25A to 140A when used at 230V. Hence. The duty cycle offered in this model is 20% at 90A (115A) and 30% at 150A (230V).


As we had mentioned earlier, this MIG welder is very compact and hence weighs only around 79 lbs. Moving it around and carrying it to locations as per your requirements will be quite easy. Having a wheeled cart is really handy to move this welder more easily.

Hobart Handler 210


The Hobart Handler 210 is one of the most user-friendly and convenient MIG welders that can weld 24 types of gauge materials and having a thickness of 3/8 inches in a single weld. Construction, automotive work, household, and shop repair work can be done by tweaking some parameters of the welder and using its accessories.

It can also provide you with maximum arc performance for some controlled speeds and less spatter production with the infinite wire feed system.


There are several safety features that help in safe arc performance using the Hobart Handler 210. One of the most highlighted features is the short-circuit protection feature that helps in protecting the unit from exposure to excessive power supply and consumption.

The contractor which is built into this device helps us protect the wire feed by keeping it protected from any electric heating unless and until the trigger is pulled.

  • Dual-Power: The Hobart Handler 210 is one such MIG welder that is specially designed to switch between and work at either 115V or 230V. You don’t need to purchase additional tools to connect to these power sources.
    The welder itself analyzes and adjusts itself automatically to particular input power. Using the SpoolRunner 100 spool gun, you can weld aluminum without any flaws or distortions in the weld using this welder.
  • User-Friendly: Such a feature-packed and complicated device are too easy to set up even if you are a beginner. The welder has a setup chart and user-manual that can make the entire setup and starting process easier.
    The owner’s manual tells you about the various parts included, how to install them, and the best parameters to use for the welding process. The setup chart tells you about the proper connections and required connectors to set up the welder.
  • Safe and Secure: The Hobart Handler 210 provides reliable performance in welding operations and hosts the best of safety features like infinite wire feed, auto-reset thermal overload, integrated spool gun, short-circuit protection, and built-in contractor.
  • Durability: This welder has an advanced aluminum drive system that supports high-quality and robust wire feed performance. The welder is itself is made up of sturdy and durable steel which helps it withstand any external factors in the long run.
  • Warranty: The Hobart Handler 210 has a 5/3/1 warranty. This means the welder has a 5-year warranty and you get a 5-year warranty on the transformer, 3 years on the electronic parts and 1 year on the MIG gun alone.
  • This welder does not have the support for TIG functionality.
  • It is not ideal for any industrial and heavy-duty work.
  • 79 lbs. is still on the heavier side when compared to other welders in terms of transportation and portability.
  • The cables provided with the welder and its accessories are too short and cannot be used in a remote location where the power supply is far away from the workplace.
  • MIG welders and other professionals find this welder’s duty cycle to be short compared to other welders in the market at this price range.

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Hobart Handler 210

About Hobart

Since 1917, Hobart was a company that was trying hard to get a good name and fame for its welding products with good quality parts used, support team, and the highest safety measures for its users who use their products.

They were testing and designing various welding machines and safety supplies to support industries like automotive, farming, heavy industry, and small household, as well as store repair, works.


The Hobart Handler 210 is a great MIG welder for those who have a mid-low budget and need a lot of good features and safety measures in their product. Moreover, it is highly compact, portable, and easy to transport to various locations.

The support for 7 different voltages is useful and provides great flexibility to the different welding techniques that a welder can apply using different types of parameters.

This welding unit offers great value for the money it comes at with great durability and solid performance on the go. On the negative aspect, this welder is not ideal for industrial use. It only complies with light tasks that have low power consumption.

This product has CSA W47.1 certification which means that it is certified exclusively under well-trained and qualified welding supervisors and welding engineers that ensure that the product is perfect for MIG welding.