Diesel Fuel Heater: Specifications & Advantages Explained


An ‘electrical diesel (fuel) heater’ is a device that mainly helps improve the performance and efficiency of fuel like diesel, biodiesel, and vegetable that can be used in cold and harsh weather conditions.

Once you install the fuel heater in your welding devices or vehicles, you might no longer have to worry about any harsh or freezing temperatures. When the temperature drops down instantly to freezing temperatures below 0 degrees, diesel and biodiesel become thicker in consistency than before which forms a gel-like structure.

Something known as the ‘Paraffin’ crystals form within the diesel that makes them thicker in appearance. This blocks the pathway for the flow of fuel and clogs the pipe which causes harm to the vehicle or machine.

When such fuels are not heated with consistent heating temperatures and for the necessary time, future combustion of the fuel like diesel causes the formation and deposit of indivisible carbon deposits on the surface of the pipes.

The electric fuel (diesel) heater supplies sufficient amounts of heat to the fuel that later thins out the fuel and this causes the protection of the diesel fuel from cold weather around it.

You can use fuel additives to make the thinning process much easier using the Diesel-electric heater. But sometimes, these fuel additives harm the life and performance of the machinery that you are using during welding.

Diesel Fuel Heater
Source: http://organicmechanic.com
The above image is an ‘electric fuel heater’ from ATG and has the following parts:
  • Electric Fuel Heater
  • Temperature Regulator
  • Activation Button
  • Relay, Cable Loom, Connectors, Fuse, Cap
  • Procedural Manual

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  • Continuous Flow
  • 12V and 24 V options
  • 200 Watts
  • 10-15 Amps
  • 6-12 days using USPS
  • Compatible with Diesel, Biodiesel and Vegetable Oil
This electric diesel heater adds 12 V or 24 V to heat the diesel, biodiesel, or vegetable oil by thinning the diesel as much as the heat is applied for a long time which in turn improves combustion processes with reduced release of soot and carbon residues along with more injection.

It has a built-in thermostat that helps to analyze and maintain a constant temperature of the fuel until the heating process is stopped completely. As it is made of high-quality metals, it lasts for a very long-time and is highly beneficial to use in welding machines as well as vehicles of your requirements and choices.

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The heater is activated with an ON/OFF button where the heat applied is regulated by the thermostat present within the device and lights up for any form of confirmation.

The installation of this device can be done within an hour if you follow the correct procedure given in the manual and it also has the pictorial representation to see how the device is mounted and good places to locate it properly according to its dimensions.

You can install it in fuel filters, fuel pumps, solenoid valves, and even in the injector pump. If we heat the combustion process post-heating process, then we can reduce the emission of ‘white smoke’ produced in the exhaust.

This ‘white smoke’ is a mixture of air and diesel oil that is not fully combustible, which is exhausted completely before it reaches the normal working temperature. If we pre-heat the air coming out of the engine of the machine while turning it on, then we can heat it to the minimum ignition temperature.

This in turn works as an environmentally friendly process to reduce the emission of carbon particles reducing overall pollution levels radically.

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When it comes to pure welding statistics, these processes can help in:

  • Welding Fabrication and construction
  • Preheating the welds
  • Post-weld heat treatment
  • Toxic-coating removal
  • Shrink fit
These processes in-turn help solve issues like:
  • Open flames and electrical resistance wires help prevent burns exponentially and only the working part of the boiler is hot.
  • No excessive release of fuel gases.
  • Release of lesser amount of fumes than normal flame heating.
  • Overhead insulation produces only small amounts of particulate matter even though there is the presence of high-temperature electric wires and ceramic pads for insulation.

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Industrial Applications:

  • Insulator heat treatment
  • The enameling of copper wires
  • Heat treatment of metal and non-metals
  • Melt various metals of high melting point
  • Glass molding

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  • Electric heating is considered one of the cleanest in the burning processes list as it involves no or very few release of smoke, carbon particles and ash or dust.
  • Due to the absence of fuel gases, there are minimal chances of air pollution.
  • Electrical heating equipment is highly safe and reliable as tripping devices that are electrical instantly act in abnormal conditions giving us a sign of any damage or an issue.
  • These devices require very little repair and maintenance. Moreover, they do not need to be serviced very often.
  • You can obtain a very high temperature. And these high temperatures are obtained in a very short span of time.
  • The electrical fuel gases need not be stored in the device itself.
  • You will also have a meter to measure analyze the amount and usage of fuel gases.