7 Best Welding Carts of 2021 – Reviews, Top Picks & Buying Guide

Working in a welding workshop is something really difficult; what do you say? Dealing with some of the weighty equipment like a gas cylinder and MIG welder is not an easy task. Weighing not less than 100 pounds, these heavy devices and tools are hard to lug around. And, that is when you will require a welding cart to move and store welding machines along with their associated tools.

But do you know what makes a good welding cart? Well, it must have adequate storage space, heavy-duty wheels for easy maneuverability, and the capability to hold more than 30-pound weight. Nowadays, in a few carts, you will also come across several lockable cabinets. So, after thorough research and in-depth study, we have brought forth a list of the 7 best welding carts taking care of your workspace needs and fulfillment.

Overall Best Pick

Hot Max WC100 Welding/Plasma Cutter Cart
457 Reviews
Hot Max WC100 Welding/Plasma Cutter Cart
  • All steel construction with durable finish
  • Fits most MIG and plasma machines
  • Handle doesn't get in the way of leads
  • Extra storage tray for accessories and equipment
  • Includes safety chains for shielding gas tanks

The Budget Pick

Yaheetech 3-Tier Welding Cart MIG TIG ARC Plasma Cutter...
359 Reviews
Yaheetech 3-Tier Welding Cart MIG TIG ARC Plasma Cutter...
  • 3-TIER STORAGE: This 3 tiers welder cart provides ample storage space for you to organize tools and equipments, tilted...
  • Top Shelf Size: Approx. 17.7 x 10.8'' (L x W); Middle Shelf Size: Approx. 15 x 11 '' (L x W); Bottom Shelf Size: Approx....
  • HEAVY DUTY: Sturdy welding cart is constructed of premium metal and PVC wheels, built in a solid structure with high...
  • SMOOTH ROLLING: This welder cart features with 4 heavy duty PVC casters, 2 front 360°swivel casters control the cart to...
  • PROFESSIONAL TOOL: Ideal for both home garages and workshops; a piece of must-have accessory for weldors, handymen and...

1. VIVOHOME Iron 3 Tiers Rolling Welding Cart – Best welding cart

best welding cart

VIVOHOME comes with a handy hand welding cart that will keep your workspace tidy. High-quality and black-coated metal have been used in constructing the welding cart. The solid metal is rustproof and has a thickness of 0.4″. It can afford a weight capacity of 176lbs and is durable enough to serve you in the long-run. Hence, you can load it with everything you could possibly need.

The product has an ideal dimension of 27.6*11.8*35.4-inches. The top, mid, bottom, and rear shelf has the perfect dimensions, and can easily carry most of the heavy-duty tools and tanks. The spacing between the shelves is perfect for storing any required tools. It will not only save time for you but also will save some space in the workplace.

The cart is featured with three-level shelves that provide more than enough space to store working equipment and tools. The top shelf is tilted for better access to the controls of the welder. The gas cylinder can be secured with the provided two safety chains in the spacious rear shelf. In short, the 3-tier design of the cart makes it more flexible in nature.

It is incorporated with four heavy-duty PVC swivel wheels. The two wheels at the front enhance the mobility in all directions, as they can rotate 360 degrees. The two back wheels are slightly big because they ensure the stability of the cart movement, especially for heavy machinery or tools.

  • The sturdy structure of the welding cart resists both abrasions and rust.
  • The large storage space can hold up most of the heavy equipment and tools.
  • Maneuverability is great because of the well-functional swivel wheels.
  • The two safety chains contribute to safety, stability, and damage prevention.
  • It can be also be used as a MIG and TIG welder cart.
  • The chain system provided for the gas cylinder is weak.
  • The built quality of the castors is not good and may need to be replaced.

2. Eastwood 3-Tier Welding Cart

Top welding cart

The name of the Eastwood 3-tier welding cart cannot be excluded. This portable and user-friendly welding cart easily serve the purpose of moving heavy things at your workspace. It is made up of high-quality, durable steel to carry heavy equipment and tools seamlessly. The robust construction of the cart makes it last for several years, even in extremely exhaustive environments.

The top shelf of the cart is 17.75*11-inches. The middle shelf is 15*11 inches, and the bottom shelf is 17.25*11-inches. The total height of the cart is 28-inches, and the length is 27-inches. The welding cart weighs about 30lbs. Hence, the dimensions are perfect for keeping even the heavy-duty tools.

The storage trays of the cart besides holding the necessary heavy-duty accessories can also be used to store miscellaneous items. The hooks present in this cart enables cable management and prevent the cables from getting tangled. There is space for gas tanks that comes with robust safety chains. Also, due to the presence of added functionalities, this product can act as an efficient plasma cutter cart.

Moreover, this Eastwood welding cart has four movable castors that enhance the flexibility of movement. The back-wheels are bigger compared to the front-wheels. This makes the cart slanted towards the front. The impressive part of the cart is its functionality and durability that makes it worth buying.

  • The ideal shape and structure of the unit make it storable even in the tighter areas.
  • The cart has the capability to hold up to 125 cubic foot tank.
  • The strong and durable safety chain enhances its performance score.
  • It comes with plenty of extra washers, bolts, and nuts.
  • The broader back wheels maintain the stability of the cart.
  • The product is not pre-assembled
  • The lack of a pulling handle makes it a bit difficult to pull.

3. Klutch 2-Tier Welding Cart

Klutch 2-Tier Welding Cart

The list of best welding carts cannot be completed without a Klutch 2-tier welding cart. The product is constructed with durable, high-quality, and rugged steel, thus making it sturdy. The cart is easy to use and move and can also successfully save some space for you too. The built quality of the unit is tough and can be used for a few years easily.

Talking about the dimension of the products, it is 35 ¾ inches tall, 18 ¾ inches wide, and 27 ¼ inches in length. The storage cabinet is 13.5in * 19.5in * 12in. The top and middle shelves also have the ideal length, breadth, and height. The weight of the cart is about 46lbs.

The welding cart comes with two storage shelves and a lockable cabinet door. The top shelf is capable of holding your plasma cutter or welder. The strong cylinder rack can hold a gas bottle having a dimension of 7 inches. The item also comes with four sets of cable wraps that help you to organize the cords and cables safely. Overall, besides acting as a serving unit, it also takes care of the security.

It has four wheels. The swiveling front casters are 2 inches each, and the back wheels are rough of 6 inches. The wheels at the back are made up of hard rubber instead of PVC because it gives an extra bounce that ultimately offsets the weight. These altogether contribute to maneuverability.

  • The locked cart offers some extra protection for your necessities.
  • More storage space because of the 2-tier design.
  • The sizeable shelves offer better efficiency and storage.
  • The rubber wheels are more durable and offer better movement.
  • The rigid steel construction makes it hard to bust into.
  • The cart is unusually tall.
  • The product itself is much heavier, thus making it hard to move.

4. Metal Man UWC1 Two-Tier Welding Cart

best welding cart

There are several welding carts available in the market. But, when it comes to maneuverability, very few could beat the service level of Metalman UWC1. This item is specially designed for welder maneuvering. The universal welding cart is made up of steel, and the finishing is done with a powder coat to enhance its durability and capability. The reliable unit can easily serve you for at least a few years.

The cart has the perfect dimensions of 31.9*16.5*19.7-inches. Thus, making it easy to use the product. The dimensions are ideal for storing the cart too. It can easily fit into small spaces, and also saves spaces for you to keep other materials. The products roughly weigh about 25lbs, which is pretty light and makes it perfect for medium-duty.

Talking about the feature of the cart, it has two efficient shelves and also can take care of a gas shielding cylinder up to 7.5-inches in diameter with ease. For a better view of the welding controls like knobs, displays, and torch connections, it has a slanted top desk. It also makes the set-up process easier. The bottle holder is also quite sturdy and simple.

For easy to and fro movements, it is incorporated with 6 inches rear wheels and front casters. The front castors look after the easy turnings. You also get a securement chain in the unit that stabilizes the gas cylinder in the place. The cart comes with an adequate number of nuts, bolts, and washers.

  • Easy to assemble and may take hardly 20 minutes.
  • The front controls can be easily accessed.
  • The product is extremely rugged compared to the price.
  • The item is easily modifiable.
  • The handle is placed fairly low, which makes it easy to hold.
  • It might be harder to lift over any raised concrete surface.
  • Not good for taller welder, and may require a prop for additional support.

5. Yaheetech 3-Tier Welding Cart

Yaheetech 3-Tier Welding Cart

Yaheetech 3-tier welding cart is made up of solid premium metal. Being a portable welding cart, this item is perfect for both workshops and home garages. The cart is fully painted and thus can withstand most of the wear and tear.

Nobody can neglect the dimension because it depends on the purchasing decision. Keep this in mind; it is structured with the ideal dimension. Approximately the top tray is 18*11-inches, the middle tray is 15.4*11-inches, and the bottom tray is 27.6*11.4-inches. It has a load capacity of up to 176lbs, so it can be used for big projects too.

This three-tier welder cart offers ample space to store and organize numerous tools and equipment. The top shelf is tilted for easy access to tools and safe welder storage. It has a special rear shelf for tank storage. The welder is perfect for any rugged environment, as it serves the duty of heavy usage.

The cart has four wheels that are built with solid PVC, which helps it to withstand so much weight. Among the four heavy-duty casters, the swivel front castors offer the feature of 360-degree rotation. Thus the cart can be moved in all directions. The rear wheels provide optimal stability, which is bigger than the wheels at the front to improve flexibility and easiness.

  • The large and convenient handle helps in easy pushing and pulling.
  • The rear wheels are made up of rubber for better stability.
  • The portable design keeps it one step ahead of the others.
  • Can withstand the heavyweight of 80kg.
  • The front wheels are easily breakable.
  • Some may find the handle to be wrongly placed.

6. Hot Max WC100 Welding/Plasma Cutter Cart

Hot Max WC100 Welding/Plasma Cutter Cart

This welding cart by Hot Max is suitable for almost all the MIG welding and Plasma cutter. The product dimensions are 30.5*14.7*4-inches, and it weighs around 33.7 pounds. Its size is adequate and can be easily fit in most workspaces. Plus, this durable welding cart comes with a one-year warranty. This product is perfectly constructed with steel, which provides heavy-duty usage for years.

It is equipped with a pull-out handle that does not disturb the gun leads. Also, it has two 6-inch back wheels and a 2½-inches front wheel, which provide convenient moving around the workshop. Two robust and sturdy safety chains are attached to provide extra support to the gas containers used with MIG welding.

Moreover, it has a big accessories tray to store the required equipment and tools. This durably finished welding cart also has lead hooks for cable management. It is smartly engineered for user-friendly usage with a simplistic design, and that is what makes this item one of the best MIG welder carts.

  • You will get enough space for storing your tools with the two storage trays.
  • Pull out handle allows ease during work as it does not disturb the gun leads.
  • Heavy-duty, durable structure made with stainless steel.
  • Safety chain for supporting gas containers
  • The rear wheels aren’t built with premium quality material. Might get damaged after some time.
  • It might not be suitable for very small workshops.

7. Lincoln Electric K2275-3 Welding Cart

Lincoln Electric K2275-3 Welding Cart

Lincoln is one of the best brands when it comes to perfectly manufactured top-notch products. This Lincoln Electric K2275-3 welding cart comes with a simple yet durable structure long with two shelves. The upper shelf is for the welder ad the lower shelf can be used for your other essential welding tools. It has a black-colored body made up of steel and has two large wheels and two smaller wheels along with a bottle capacity.

The product dimensions are 28.5*14.4*4.5-inches, and its weight is 27 Pounds. The recessed hole available for the gas containers fits with most of the gas canisters. Therefore, you do not have to change your gas container for this welding cart.

This cart does not take any extra unrequired space in your work area, so it is apt for small workplaces to keep everything in order. The wheels of this welding cart provide smooth functioning and make the work easier for the moving welders.

The overall look of this portable welding cart is unique yet basic. Also, this cart by Lincoln is light weighted, and the wheels are manufactured with a quality rubber material, which makes the moving more convenient. It has a sturdy handle for a comfortable grip

  • Takes less space in the work area
  • Convenient to use
  • Adequate weight distribution due to wheel arrangement
  • Storage tray is available for all your essential tools
  • Not much durable and sturdy as compared to other heavy-duty welding carts.
  • Might not be comfortable while moving on rough surfaces due to different wheel sizes.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best welding Carts – Ultimate Buying Guide

The welding cart adds convenience while working with the welding machine. You can seamlessly move your welding machine around your workshop. However, there are various factors that you need to consider while buying the best welding cart. Below are the most important things to consider to get the appropriate model for your workshop.

1. Built material
It is highly advised to look at the construction material of the welding machine. Carts made up of durable and sturdy material so that it does not require frequent repairs.

2. Gas container storage
You have to check the weight and dimensions of your gas container before buying the welding cart to ensure that your gas container fits properly into the cavity provided.

3. The wheels of the cart
You have to check everything from the material used to the size of the wheels as durable wheels are very important for the smooth and seamless movement of the welding cart. Cheap quality wheels will get damaged very soon, and you would need a replacement for them. So, please analyze the wheels while purchasing. Larger wheels allow extra stability and smooth movement.

4. Storage and hooks
It is always a better idea to go for a cart that has storage trays to stuff your accessories and essential tools. Either you can get a normal open tray or one with a storage compartment along with a lock system. Various welding carts are available which have a lockable storage compartment to keep all your stuff safe.

Moreover, also check that there are wire hooks on the sides of the cart for cable management. Therefore, it ensures that there no wires scattered on your way, and it will keep them together in one place.

5. Weight and portability
Well, the weight and size of the cart depend upon your welder. If you want to store a large machine, then a heavy carry is preferred. Similarly, if you have a small machine, then a lightweight cart is better because if you buy a heavyweight cart, then it will just contribute to increasing the overall weight and will create difficulty while moving.