Best 5 Welders for Exhaust Pipe (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Best Welder for Exhaust PipeUrgently require a welder that will assist you to weld your exhaust pipe? But don’t have a clue on which model you should invest your hard-earned money in?

Well, you have come to the right place as we have examined numerous welders based on different criteria and created a list of the best welders for exhaust pipes. Through this article, we have put forward the finest welders that would not only offer you optimum performance but would also allow you to cater to different exhaust pipe thicknesses.

In addition to the review, we have also included pros and cons so that you can get an in-depth idea about the product and invest your money wisely.

So here is the review of all the finest welders for the exhaust pipes.

Overall Best Pick

SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp MIG MAG ARC MMA Stick DC Welder 110/220V...
341 Reviews
SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp MIG MAG ARC MMA Stick DC Welder 110/220V...
  • 1.Multifunction:110V/220V Dual Voltage DC IGBT Inverter welder, MIG/MAG/ARC/MMA multifunction Welder
  • 2.Gas-less flux-cored welding and Gas-shielded MIG welding are available for the machine,0.6-1.0mm Flux Cored Wire and...
  • 3.The model MIG200 is also capable of aluminum welding with the spool gun (spool gun is not included) A selector...
  • 4.MIG200 welder has adjustable wire feed speed and welding current, you can adjust it to suit your application and weld...
  • 5.Ideal for outdoor repairs, rusty metal, farm & road equipment and maintenance & repair, Suitable for welding stainless...

The Budget Pick

160 Amp Digital Display LCD Stick ARC Welder IGBT DC...
103 Reviews
160 Amp Digital Display LCD Stick ARC Welder IGBT DC...
  • Advanced control module IGBT dual 115V And 230V, improves the performance of the welding machine
  • Automatic compensation for voltage fluctuation, can work normally against input voltage fluctuation
  • Over-voltage protection, under voltage protection, over current protection, over load protection
  • Small splashing, great penetration, easy and simple to operate and aesthetic appearance of weld seam
  • All products tested in the USA, Small size, light weight, energy saving and no noise

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1. Lincoln Electric Power K2471-1– The Editor’s Choice

When it comes to getting high-quality weld on the exhaust pipe, one model that always comes at the top is Lincoln Electric power K2471-1 MIG, welder. It is a meticulously engineered product that is backed by an array of features, and together they provide an impressive performance on car exhaust.

Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140 HD Wire-Feed Welder K2514-1

Key Features:

  • 30-140 AMP current range.
  • MIG and Flux core welding compatibility.
  • Varying voltage control.
  • MIG weld from 24gauge to 10guage.
  • Three-years warranty.



Lincoln Electric power K2471-1 is not your average MIG welder for welding an exhaust pipe; instead, it is a top-end model that can get you the best weld possible.

Geared with an extensive 30-140 AMP welding output range, it facilitates you to get an incredible weld on both thin and thick exhaust pipe. It receives a duty cycle of 20% at 90AMP, meaning you can weld any standard exhaust pipe with low thickness.

An exciting part of this system is that it can weld up to 5/16inch steel using self-shielded Lincoln inner shield wires, which makes it suitable for various home repair tasks. In addition to steel, it also delivers outstanding performance on stainless steel and aluminized materials.

It may be a little bit expensive, but it holds the prowess to MIG weld from 24gauge to 10guage sheet metal, and that too in a single pass. Featuring the diamond core technology, it can not only create a beautiful arc with low spatter but can also deliver out-of-position arc action.

The type of metal in the exhaust won’t bother you because it takes the assistance of a wide voltage sweet spot and different wire feed speeds. For optimum convenience, the manufacturer has also made it compatible with a spool gun and flux core welding.

You can carry it everywhere you want because it gets a portable handle with a semi-compact body. Over-heating won’t ever come in your way while welding exhaust, and the credit goes to its ample ventilation in front and back.

  • It can weld exhaust pipe of varying thickness.
  • Suitable for both flux and MIG welding.
  • Produces a low amount of spatter.
  • Highly durably body.
  • It is quite expensive.

Special note:

Well, Super Deal pro

Lincoln Electric power K2471-1 will perfectly sit by your requirement if you are only looking for performance without worrying about the budget.

2. SunGoldPower MIG200 IGBT Welder

SunGoldPower MIG200 might seem like an ordinary welder for welding your exhausting pipe, but once you switch it on, it will change your perspective. It is an affordable machine that lets you do all the necessary welding jobs without any compromise.


Key Features:

  • 20-200AMP current range.
  • 60% duty cycle.
  • Wire feed speed range: 1.5-16m/min.
  • 110V and 220V option.
  • Multifunction MIG, MAG, MMA, and ARC welding.


A top-rated welder for exhaust is an excellent way to introduce SunGoldPower MIG200 that offers dynamicity by facilitating you do MIG, MMA, ARC, MAG, and flux core welding. If you are eyeing the MIG or MAG process with gas shielding wire or gas-less flux-core welding, you can even do it with this machine.

Unlike others in this price range, it lets you weld exhaust pipe made up of mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and iron, thus giving you complete freedom. Using one selector switch, you can comfortably shift from MIG to spool gun to get a professional weld on an aluminized exhaust pipe.

An exciting feature of this welder is that you can use it anywhere you want, and it is due to the dual 110V and 220V options.

Taking the assistance of the wide 20-200 AMP current range and 1.5-16m/min wire-feed speed range, you can get the desired welding performance with little spatter. With the adjustable voltage knob, you can cater to several applications and achieve a stable ARC.

The variable wire feed speed, current, and voltage also ensure easy operation, deep penetration, and smooth finish. Setting up this welder won’t take much of your time as it is backed up by IGBT module technology.

While welding, you can say goodbye to the overheating issue, and the credit goes to the overheating protection along with an inner fan cooling system. You will even enjoy excellent durability as it uses high-quality material and a full-bridge circuit board.

  • Support varied types of welding applications.
  • An unwavering arc with aesthetically pleasing output.
  • A lot of adjustment options.
  • It is loaded with accessories.
  • Excellent penetration with minimal splashing.
  • Poor warranty coverage.

Special note:

Can’t shell out a good chunk of money on buying a top welder for exhaust pipe? Well, SunGoldPower MIG200 is the right product that will suit your requirements as well as the budget.

3. Amico ARC-160D ARC Welder

Amico ARC-160D is one of the most excellent welders that have the ability to perform like a pro but without making a hole in your pocket. It may not have an extensive list of features, but whatever it has makes it totally worth the money you pay for it.

160 Amp Digital Display LCD Stick ARC Welder IGBT DC Inverter

Key Features:

  • 20-16 AMP current range.
  • 60% duty cycle.
  • IGBT module technology.
  • Over-voltage protection.
  • 4lbs overall weight.


Amico ARC-160D is a versatile machine that is designed to offer optimum convenience in welding, and the dual 115V and 230V options serve as proof.

It is more towards delivering top-notch weld quality, and that is why it gives you complete control over the current flow by giving you a 20-160 AMP range knob. Rated with 90% efficiency and 60% duty cycle at 160 AMP, you can expect to enjoy a high-performance welding process for a reasonable amount of time.

Not only that, but the finish it offers is also really commendable, and it does the job with minimal splashing and proper penetration.

In order to offer more efficiency and offer more control during high voltage arc welding, it also takes the assistance of IGBT module technology. Whether you are preparing to weld thin or semi-thick steel or stainless exhaust pipe, this system will give you a great result in a single pass.

Consistency is the key for any high-performance welder, and that is why it gets an automatic compensation feature for voltage fluctuation.  While welding, it completely protects you from any mishap by incorporating over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, and over-current protection.

It is compatible with welding with varied types of basic and acid electrodes make it stand out in this segment. It may not be robust like others in this list, but it is compact and lightweight, thus making it easy to port anywhere you want.

  • Impressive weld quality.
  • It is suitable for different kinds of materials.
  • It doesn’t get affected by voltage fluctuation.
  • Carries a lot of protective features.
  • Easy to carry.
  • It lacks multipurpose functions.

Special note:

Amico ARC-160D is a great welder for an exhaust pipe that we highly recommend you to buy if you are short on budget.

4. Lincoln Electric Wire Feed Welder

From the house of legendary weld systems manufacturer Lincoln Electric, we present you the K2514-1 140 HD welder. It may seem like just another welder for the exhaust pipe, but once you start working on steel and stainless, it will mesmerize you with its performance.

Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140 HD Wire-Feed Welder K2514-1

Key Features:

  • 30-140AMP output range.
  • 2-knob tapped control.
  • Tool-less design.
  • Includes numerous accessories.
  • Fully adjustable drive system.


It is a high-performance and versatile machine that, with the assistance of a 30-140 wide welding output range, gives out smooth welds on any exhaust pipe.

As it gets two knobs tapped control, so it becomes effortless for you to smoothly carry out flux core welding on a thick exhaust pipe with deep penetration. What’s more? It also supports gas-shielded MIG welding so you can comfortably weld on thin gauge mild steel, aluminum, or stainless steel car exhaust.

All thanks to its tool-less design, welding with this top welder for steel exhaust pipe is quite easy. Wire tangling is a big issue with a welder, so it treats you with a fully adjustable drive system that not prevent wire tangling but also crushing.

The features that take all the limelight in this system is easy-turn numeric drive tension indicator that detects ranges when you work with different wire diameter.

With the flux-core wire, you can weld up to 3/16inch in a single pass and 5/16inch in multi-pass, which is quite adequate for getting a result on the exhaust pipe. When it comes to versatility, this MIG system offers 120volt, meaning you can plug it anywhere you want to get a forgiving arc with low spatter.

It is based on the cast aluminum gearbox that not only ensures immense strength but also enhanced torque with low sound. Even though it comes with a compact body structure but it quite heavy in weight so it won’t be easy to carry everywhere.

  • Highly durable body construction.
  • Compatible with MIG and flux core welding.
  • The full adjustment drive is highly effective.
  • It doesn’t make much sound.
  • The onboard cooling curbs overheating.
  • Short power cord length.
  • Heavy in weight.

Special note:

Lincoln Electric K2514-1 140 HD welder is an excellent welder for an exhaust pipe that excels in most of the departments but comes with a hefty price tag.

5. Hobart 500554001 Handler 190 Welder

Hobart 500554001 can be defined as a top of the line welder for an exhaust pipe that delivers unparalleled weld quality that you won’t even get in some high-end models. It has all the features that you will need to get excellent performance out of it.

Hobart 500554001

Key Features:

  • 25-190 AMP output range.
  • 7-voltage selection option.
  • Operates in 230V.
  • Quick select drive roll.
  • 2-years warranty coverage.


Without a doubt, Hobart 500554001 is a highly-rated welder that gives you complete control over your weld on the exhaust with the help of 40-740 IPM wire feed speed control.

Moreover, it also gets seven voltage selection options with enhanced magnetic so that you can top-notch arc performance with minimal spatter. The variable voltage and wire feed speed also facilitates the welder to complement any wire diameter to produce maximum penetration and excellent bead appearance.

In addition to the exhaust pipe, welding varied types of material would become a fun affair for you, and the credit goes to the 20-190 Amp current range. The power it offers is simply unmatchable as it can weld from 24gauge to max 5/16inch steel in a single pass.

Whether your exhaust pipe is of aluminized material, steel, or stainless steel, it can weld all these metals without much fuss. Rated with a 30% duty cycle at 130 AMP, you can expect it to complete the welding jobs quickly without requiring you to wait a long time.

In order to hook SpoolRunner 100 spool gun, this system gets an integrated spool gun control circuitry that bars the requirement for any control box. With the self-resetting thermal overall, the chance of thermal overload in the power transformer is quite low.

Not only that, but it also gets short-circuit and self-resetting motor protection, thus protecting you from any accident. It comes with premium quality metal construction that makes sure it will stay by your side for a long time.

  • Professional arc performance.
  • It is suitable for welding a varied type of metal with different thicknesses.
  • Easy and quick setup process.
  • A smooth arc with low spatter.
  • A lot of protection facilities.
  • The dial buttons are not very responsive.
  • Short power cord.

Special note:

If you are planning to invest in a high-quality welder for welding your exhaust pipe in your garage, then there is nothing better than Hobart 500554001.

Before  we bid an end to this article, we would like to give you some tips and vital FAQs that would help you to choose the right welder;

Welding Exhaust Tips;

Welding an exhaust pipe in your garage is not an entirely straightforward process, so it is best to watch some tutorials if you are new to the welding exhaust pipe. It would also be a good idea to take assistance from a friend who has good knowledge of welding exhaust pipes.

Before you begin the process, mark all the spots properly, and measure those areas accurately because a wrong weld will make the pipe useless. While welding, you should use the right kind of accessories because it will lead to better welds.

Lastly, when you are going for welding, it is crucial to take safety measures that will prevent you from any kind of accident.


How to weld exhaust pipe?

The technique of welding an exhaust pipe is a simple yet long process, but if you follow the steps correctly, then you won’t have a hard time. At first, you need to measure the areas in the exhaust that need to be cut and mark them appropriately. Then take a hacksaw or something similar and cut the mark precisely.

It would be best to keep the pace slowly because it will offer better precision and will smoothly fit the tubing with one another. After cutting the pipes, you need to secure all the pieces together using a C-clamp to make them ready for welding.

Now your exhaust pipe is ready to be welded. While welding, you should adequately weld all the areas so that there is no gap and chance of leakage.

What type of welder is used for exhaust?

MIG welder is the most common type when it comes to welding an exhaust pipe as it offers better welds on thin materials of the exhaust. However, TIG and flux core settings also come in handy for welding exhaust pipes as they bring out high-quality arcs.

Can you weld the exhaust pipe with a stick welder?

You can weld an exhaust pipe with a stick welder, but you will not get the most appropriate result with it. It would be ideal to use a 6011 rod with the stick holder because it will minimize the chance of leakage in the weld. You can even utilize 3/32″ 6010 or 3/16″ 7018 rods to get a decent weld result on the exhaust pipe.

How to weld exhaust pipe with flux core?

To weld an exhaust pipe with a flux core, you need to use a lot of tools like a hacksaw, grinder, and exhaust tubing. First, you need to cut a pipe with a hacksaw and make the cut should be straight as possible. Once you are done, take up the grinder and smoothen the edges.

Now it is time to tighten the dissected pieces together using C-clamp. After clamping the parts, use the flux core welder to weld around the junction of the two pieces. Make sure the pipe is free from dust; otherwise, it will create a lot of spatter. While welding, use low amperage and wire feed speed will give you a good result.

What welder to use for exhaust?

You can use varied types of welding models to weld on the exhaust pipe, but according to our team, Power 140C MIG welder serves as the most plausible option.

It has numerous features and can work on varying gauges, thus making it suitable to use on the exhaust pipe. However, you can use a different model from the market based on your choice.

What gauge setting should my Hobart welder be set on for the exhaust pipe?

24 gauge would be a sweet spot for your Hobart welder to be set on for exhaust pipe. However, the gauge may change depending upon your exhaust pipe thickness, as some are slightly thick.

Final Thought

With all the reviews of the best welder for the stainless steel exhaust pipe, we hope our list will guide you with the appropriate welder that will meet all your welding needs. Although there are variations in the functionalities and features of all five welders one thing that is common in them is top-notch weld quality.

Whatever is your requirement, we think our list, along with the review and other information, can fulfill your need. We have even put forward the pros and cons of all the products so that you can determine which will cater to your requirements.