5 Best Stick Welders of 2021 – Top Picks & Buying Guide

Best Stick Welder MachinesDid you ever find working hard when you are doing outdoor welding projects? Or find some difficult situations where you are in? Are you looking for an ultimate solution?
Wait there! This might help you!

Well for such tasks, sticker welder machines are the most needed tool. It’s also known as SMAW or Shielded Metal Arc Welding. The process is commonly used for applications that are related to industrial or household welding processes. However, the best stick welders can differ based on your project and budget.

Finding the right one can be a hassle filled but if you are looking for an easy solution that can work effectively as well as quickly, maybe you can find your answer here.

Overall Best Pick

PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with...
746 Reviews
PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with...
  • CK Worldwide 17 Series Superflex TIG Torch with Flex Head AND CK SUPERFLEX HOSE, ALSO INCLUDES CK DINSE CONNECTOR USA...
  • 200HRTZ on PULSE FREQ AND AC FREQ will do 1/4" aluminum and 3/8" mild steel and 110/220 volts and is capable of welding...
  • Both HF start hand torch control and precise foot pedal welding heat control
  • Advanced Inverter Technology with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Using IGBT technology

The Budget Pick

Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder 100ST, 120-Volt,...
483 Reviews
Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder 100ST, 120-Volt,...
  • Inverter power system
  • 120 volt input and 90 amp output
  • TIG capable (sold separately)
  • Handles up to 1/8 inch rod
  • Click on the (BY FORNEY) name above in blue under the title to view our full catalog of Welders, Abrasives, Chain/Wire...

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1. EVERLAST Power ARC – Best Dual Voltage Stick Welder

Are you looking for a welding machine that will not cause you to scream when you look at your monthly electricity bill? EverlastPowerarc 140 is the solution to your worries. This multi-purpose TIG/stick welder allows for an energy-efficient welding experience, along with many other noteworthy features, making it one of the top options in our best stick welders list.


Features Overview:

Are you looking for a welding machine that will not cause you to scream when you look at your monthly electricity bill? Everlast Power arc 140 is the solution to your worries. This multi-purpose TIG/stick welder allows for an energy-efficient welding experience, along with many other noteworthy features, making it one of the top options in our best stick welders list.

Multi-purpose welder:
This welding machine offers you two modes of operation. You can either operate it in the TIG mode or you can opt for the stick welder. Depending on your work, you can easily shift between the two modes. 

Adjustable arc length:
Apart from giving you a smooth welding experience, this welder has the feature of auto-adaptive arc force control. As the name suggests, this feature adjusts the arc length for you as you work. So if you are not too fond of interruptions, this feature will definitely make your day.

If you are someone who is always moving about, then opting for this welder will be a good decision. Apart from its compact design, the welder comes with a carry bag. This makes it easy for you to carry it around and work on the go!

Dual Voltage:
You have the option to operate the welder in dual mode. Either go for 120V or 240V, it’s your choice. Though it is recommended to operate it at 240V, to achieve maximum power efficiency.

  • It has DINSE 25mm connectors making connections easy
  • Light in weight adds to the portability 
  • Can be used for house, hobby and commercial purposes
  • High energy efficiency even with 140 Amp output
  • Simple to use energy efficient machine
  • Can weld a number of different metals
  • A DC only model
  • Electrode cable is not long enough causing troublesomeness
  • A foot pedal cannot be added to this welder


This Powerarc 140 TIG/stick welder by Everlast is a reliable and energy-efficient welding machine in the market. It is safe to use owing to the IGBT technology, plus its simple digital interface makes it a popular welding machine amongst beginners.  

2. AMICO 160D -The Inverter DC Welder

Are you an independent person of the 21st century? Then this mini package, Amico ARC 160D stick welder is a perfect tool for you. This nifty stick welder is compact and easily maneuverable allowing you to choose your own comfortable place to weld. Additionally, its added features and IGBT Module technology make it safe to operate at varying voltage levels.AMICO 160D

Features Overview:

We found this stick welder to be attractive owing to its varying operating voltage levels and of course its portable nature. Its pre-installed protection mechanisms are an added plus, ensuring complete user safety when in use. Trust us; we won’t let you get shocked! Especially when there is an inconsistent power supply, this best stick welder does not let you down. Some of its noteworthy features are as follows:

Smart fan:
The smart fan as the name suggests turns on only when the welding stick reaches a specific temperature. Feeling hot? Smart fan rushes to the rescue! In the case of Amico 160D, this turns on when the machine reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit and prevents the machine from overheating.

IGBT Module:
This DC inverter module installed in the machine ensures protection from all electricity-related faults. It improves the under-voltage protection and at the same time over current and overload is also taken care of in this stick welder.

Dual Voltage:
Here is the real deal, you get options to choose from. The stick welder comes with 2 voltage level settings. You can either operate it 110 or 230 volts depending on the need and circumstances.

Portable design:
Say goodbye to heavy lifting! The compact design and lightweight (almost 16lb) makes the welder reliable to use for personal and professional use.

Stable ARC:
The machine is solidly built and gives a smooth arc and is compatible with different acid and basic electrodes.

  • Maximum protection
  • Portable and light in weight
  • Dual Voltage supply
  • The welder is a bit unbalanced


Given all these features, this stick welder offers the best for the given price in the market. Going low on budget? You can’t get a better stick welder for this price. It might not be as durable and reliable as the other great stick welders in the market but does make up for the economical price tag it holds.

3. HITBOX ARC 200A- The Budget Mini Portable Welder

Moving on to the list of the best stick welders, the next welder we tested out is the HITBOX Arc 200A stick. Despite is lightweight compact design, this stick welder held immense power. If you are a novice welder, we will definitely recommend you to use this 200A stick for a small budget and an exquisite welding experience.HITBOX ARC 200A

Features Overview:

You got bigger welding problems? HITBOX is your solution. Although not a commercial level welder, this stick will handle most of your house projects. Its wide amperage range and 2 in 1 functionality solve your multiple welding problems.

Compact Size:
Measuring 15″ by 5.5″ by 10″ and weighing almost 15.4 lbs. this is a welder for people on the go. You can carry this welder according to your work requirement and its condense transistor tech, allows it to be fixed according to the electric source.

Current Range:
If you like experimenting with multiple metals HITBOX can fulfill your wish. The wide amp range allows you to work with varying thicknesses of metal. This TIG works in the current range of 10 to 200A giving you ample ground to experiment.

2 in 1:
Who doesn’t like to avail multiple facilities for the price of one? HITBOX offers both TIG and MMA welding options for an eye-catching economical price tag. Join your precious metals and get a great splatter-free finish using the TIG option and go for the MMA in case of an outdoor weld to get the best results.

Improved Stability:
The high-frequency inverter in this stick welder ensures maximum stability and promises 25% more heat than the conventional welding machines. Additionally, the IGBT technology reduces break down to give a lively welding experience.

  • 2 in1 functionality (TIG and MMA)
  • Wide ampere range
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Not capable to weld aluminium
  • No pedal control
  • Supports only DC source


This stick welder by HITBOX is a nifty welder packed with immense power. You will be able to bond metals of varying thickness owing to its wide amperage. But the bonus is its sweet price tag; an economical rate despite so many useful features.

4. PRIMEWELD TIG225X – The Ideal AC/ DC Stick Welder

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, when it comes to welding, Primeweld TIG225X IGBT AC/DC stick welder will suit you either ways. We tested out this modern-day welder and were amazed by the tons of features and accessories that come with this well-designed welder.


Features Overview:

In the best stick welders review, our initial trial with this welder led us to discover and verify its inbuilt safety features. The pulse width modulation and IGBT technology ensure the maximum reliability of this welder. Here is the deal, even the biggest accident prone are safe when using this top-notch arc welder. 

The stick welder comes in both AC and DC modes of operation featuring a starting current of 10 to 225Aand a pulse end current of 10 to 225A. Additionally, you will be elated to know that despite working between 110 and 220 volts, this Primeweld stick offers great flexibility for its price range in the market. We were attracted to the price tag initially. 

Foot Pedal:
Does the feel of stepping on an accelerator give you an adrenaline rush? Well, with this stick and TIG generator you are in for a lot of that adrenaline rush. Along with the CK17 flex torch, CK flex tubing, and Dinse connector, you can control the power of this welder via a foot pedal.

Arc Voltage Control:
This control in the welder allows you to create and work with a smooth arc to weld a wide range of metals. And considering it’s a TIG too, that ensures quality joints made once you master the art of welding

HF start:
Another noteworthy feature of the welder is the HF start. The HF start along with the foot pedal helps to maintain and control the heat levels of the welding machine.

Inverter Technology:
A number of times during testing the product we intentionally tried to poke fun to test safety features of the welder. And after our thorough examination, TIG225X passed in flying colors owing to its Inverter technology, PWM and of course the IGBT integrated into it.

  • Can be used on commercial or household level
  • Can weld a number of different metals
  • Easy to run


Apart from offering manifold features for its average price, the stick and TIG features ensures that you can use the welder in changing circumstances and for varying needs.

5. Forney Easy Weld -Best 120v Stick Welder for Farm Use

Weighing approximately 7.5 lbs. the Forney 298 forms the most portable welder on our list of best stick welders. Its portable size and average power output rating makes it a decent option for beginners to try. If you are looking for an easy weld on the go, Forney 298 is your best option!

Forney Easy Weld 298

Features Overview:

Apart from its sleek, lightweight design, the stick welder amasses a number of nifty features for the users. Its inverter technology coupled with dual-mode functionality makes it a favorite choice among many welders.

Dual Mode operation:
If you find it hard to choose between the TIG and the stick when it comes to welding, then it’s better to have both. This stick welder by Forney offers exactly that. Just flip a switch to alternate between TIG and the stick mode of operation.

Power specification:
This compact welder packs a 90 Amps output with a 120 Volt input. If you are someone at the initial stages of welding, then this is a perfect power rating for you.

Automatic Fan:
Feeling hot? Turn on the fan. But in the case of Forney 298, the in-built fan turns on automatically as soon as you start welding. This prevents the temperature of the machine from rising too much; a good safety feature.

Inverter technology:
The presence of inverter technology in the welder is the reason behind its lightweight and compact shape. This ensures a portable welder, easy to carry on the go.

Smooth Arc:
The arc produced by the welder may not be that strong but can work on a variety of materials. Additionally, it has the capability to cut materials ranging from gauge 16 to 5/16 inches, which is pretty cool for a beginner-level stick welder.

  • Multiple modes of operation
  • Allows easy switching between TIG and stick
  • It does not require compressed gasses
  • It has a built-in handle to carry chords
  • It has a reasonable price
  • It can weld a variety of materials from 16 gauge to 5/16 inch
  • It has a 6 foot long cord
  • Does not come with a TIG torch
  • Only AC welder
  • Does not have a gas hookup


If you are in search of a stick welder for a reasonable price, Forney 298 is your best option. You can begin the journey of welding with experimenting a number of materials using this welder. Although not that much powerful, its portability and lightweight makes up for it and makes it enter the list of best stick welders.