6 Best Spot Welders: Reviews & buying Guide (2021)

Spot welding is a specialized task that is utilized for welding two metals using electric current and pressure. So it becomes essential to opt for the best spot welder because a high-quality output will ensure a stable weld that won’t break down even after years.

Best Spot Welders

Most importantly, a top spot welder will give you a smooth finish, which is essential whenever you are doing spot welding. So whether you want to use it daily or use it rarely, you shouldn’t settle for the ordinary.

Overall Best Pick

Stark Professional Portable Electric 240 Volt Spot Welder...
154 Reviews
Stark Professional Portable Electric 240 Volt Spot Welder...
  • Single Phase Design - Easily weld together different types of materials with the single phase design. Simple welding...
  • Durable Welding Tips - Welding tips are constructed from high quality steel to get the perfect weld for materials that...
  • Replacement Tips - Spot welder comes with extra pair of welding tips for multiple uses. Simply twist the tips off when...
  • Simple Lever Function - To perform welding applications, simply apply pressure and press down on the lever
  • Portable Design Machine - The attached handle allows you to quickly transport your spot welder to different job...

The Budget Pick

Mophorn 737G Battery Welding Machine, 0.15mm Pulse Spot...
199 Reviews
Mophorn 737G Battery Welding Machine, 0.15mm Pulse Spot...
  • Push up Welding: Fixed welding tips have LED light function for precise fixed welding. It is also called push up welding...
  • Pedal Welding: It you need precise spot weld, pedal welding is made for you. By controlling the foot pedal, precise...
  • Distinct LCD Panel: It shows pulse quantity and current when you are at work with this machine. The distinct panel also...
  • Efficient Cooling System: The radiator is 4100 rpm; with built-in smart chip to avoid overheating damage of the welder,...
  • Wide Application: Suits for various sizes of battery pack, button battery, polymer battery and board, Apple mobile phone...

Below, we have come forward with some of the best spot welders that worth every penny you spend on them.

1. Stark Professional Electric 240V Portable Spot Welder: Best Spot Welder Under $200

When we search for the best spot welder in the market, one model that pops out in every recommendation list is the Stark professional 240V spot welder. It is a high-performance machine that is more inclined towards giving you top-notch weld and portable rather than focusing on design.

Primary Features:

  • 16amp current rating.
  • 50% duty cycle.
  • 6 inches deep replaceable steel tip.
  • Single-phase design.
  • Lever weld function.

Best Spot Welders

Features Overview:

With a current rating of 16amp and 240V support, Stark professional 240V spot welder is easy to operate a machine that can help you to accomplish any household welding tasks.

  • It is a perfect DIY tool for hobbyists and home improvement enthusiasts because the 50% duty cycle will allow them to weld the materials quickly. However, its single-phase design makes the main impact as it broadens up the welding material compatibility of the welder, thus allow you to opt for different projects.
  • Whether you want stainless sheet steel, uncoated mild steel, or galvanized steel, you can quickly get a smooth and robust finish on the surface. If you are working on mild steel, then you can weld up to a combined thickness of 1/8 inch sheet.
  • It comes with a simple lever function that ensures a convenient welding mechanism where you just have to insert the metal and press the lever to weld a particular area.
  • The throat depth of 6inch is also influential in going hard on thick metal and churn out the weld you need. All thanks to the robust steel welding tips, the thickness of the metal won’t be your concern, and it will efficiently bind both materials.
  • Surprisingly, you will even get an extra pair of welding tips in the package that will come in handy when the old one will get worn out. Besides its terrific welding performance, it also flaunts a well-constructed steel body that only weighs around 29lbs.
  • Smooth operation with the lever.
  • It works comfortably on different materials.
  • Durable weld with professional smoothness.
  • Replaceable throat tip.
  • Sturdy body construction.


If you are thinking of strengthening your DIY arsenal with the best spot welder, then we would recommend you to go for Stark professional 240V portable spot welder.

2. Sunkko 737G+ Dual Mode Battery Spot Welder: Intelligent Auto-triggering Spot Welding

Sunkko 737G+ is unarguably one of the best handheld spot welders that possess immense potential but haven’t got much popularity among users in the US. It has all the modern features that you would expect from a moderate budget spot welder.

Primary Features:

  • Three welding methods.
  • Supports different types of thickness.
  • Soldering up to 300-degree centigrade.
  • Inbuilt temperature sensor and cooling system.
  • Variable pulse and current settings.

Features Overview:

Built with modern panel design, Sunkko 737G+ numerous types of intelligent welding modes that would take your welding skill to a new height. It is a multipurpose spot welder that flaunts various welding methods so that you can not only weld battery packs but also weld nickel strips.

  • You can use the fixed welding head with a foot pedal to weld a large battery pack or weld nickel-plated steel within the range of 0.15-0.35mm. However, the welding range for nickel-plated steel changes to 0.05-0.2mm when you opt for a mobile welding pen food pedal.
  • With this portable welding pen, you will also have the option to weld a pure nickel strip with a range of 0.05-0.15mm. The range remains the same when you plan to use for mobile welding pen without the foot pedal.
  • The welding performance it offers will blow your mind, and its wide 120-1200A welding current range is partly responsible for it.
  • To provide you with complete control, it comes with a 1-8 adjustable welding current and 2-18 adjustable pulse that lets you modify the setting depending upon your welding need. You will also have a pulse and current level display so you can adjust the level accurately.
  • It also gets 2-7mm welding needle distance and a total wire length of 22.8inch; thus, you can reach any place without facing length shortage. It is also highly efficient for soldering as the temperature of the solder can gain 300-degree centigrade within a few seconds.
  • Overheating won’t come in your welding process because the inbuilt temperature sensor and efficient cooling system keep the internal temperature checked.

Best Spot Welders

  • Varied type of welding function.
  • You can use it for soldering different materials.
  • Support a wide thickness range.
  • It is suitable for creating a large battery pack.
  • It is quite easy to operate.
  • It is not very consistent.

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Sunkko 737G+ is a top-notch spot welder that offers numerous welding facilities along with a terrific performance.

3. Mophorn 737G Pulse Spot Welder: Best Under $150 with Intelligent Radiator

Mophorn 737G is a commercial level that is designed for assembling a broad array of small battery packs with optimum weld quality. It is an affordable machine that offers not only a commendable performance but also a decent amount of features.

Primary Features:

  • 50-800AMp current range.
  • Adjustable pulse and current.
  • Fixed welding tip.
  • Push-up welding.
  • Precise pedal welding.
  • It has an inbuilt cooling system.

Features Overview:

When you look at Mophorn 737G, it will seem like just another welder in the market, but you should underestimate it based on its look and pricing.

  • It is a powerful device that uses a push-up welding method with a fixed welding tip to facilitate you to assemble small size battery-pack within few minutes. Not only that, but this one of the most beautiful spot welders is also suitable for constructing different pack sizes, different battery types, stainless steel, steel hardware, and phone camera.
  • With a modern pedal welding facility, you can precisely spot any material and get the appropriate finish. Although it packs a broad thickness range of 0.05-0.2mm, it differs based on the pulse welding you are going to opt for.
  • It designed to improve your welding performance by a large margin, and that is why it comes with adjustable current and pulse settings to give you control over the weld.
  • The front area also gets a distinctive LCD display that shows you current and pulses reading so that you can precisely set it. What makes it unique? It comes built with a 4100rpm radiator and a smart-chip that not curbs down overheating and also offers an automatic short-point guard.
  • In addition to efficient welding, you can also use it for soldering purposes when you are work on batter assembling projects. The steel build quality will surely impress you, and it gets a compact shape with an ergonomic body handle so that you can easily carry them to work.
Best Spot Welders
  • Affordable price point.
  • The foot pedal offers excellent precision.
  • Suits different types of welding tasks.
  • It is quite easy to carry.
  • It doesn’t support a welding pen.
  • Lacks power.

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Planning to build a battery pack for your DIY electric cycle? Looking for an affordable spot welder to accomplish the task? Well, check out Mophorn 737G.

4. Solary 4200 Car Dent Puller Spot Welder: Best In the Category

Solary 4200 can be introduced as an industrial-level spot welder that will baffle you with its welding facilities and performance. Unlike others, it is an expensive device that suits different welding tasks, but it is mainly used for car dent repair.

Primary Features:

  • Suction slide hammer.
  • Adjustable current and preprogrammed time.
  • Maximum 4200 weld current.
  • Double side spot welding.
  • Thermal protection.
  • 230V and 400V input voltage.

Features Overview:

Solary 4200 is a unique spot welding machine that offers a mammoth welding current of 4200A that is more than sufficient for welding any spot. All thanks to its dual function welding contact tip, you can spot weld any material from both sides, thus enhancing the durability of the weld.

  • The dual function tips also get the assistance of earth connectors so that you can notch up the current if you require more heat for welding a particular material. All thanks to its suction slide hammer set, you can comfortably repair the small to large dents in your car without hampering the paint finish.
  • Apart from the car dent, you can also utilize it for heavy-duty welding tasks because its copper built voltage transformer has the prowess to withstand huge output voltage with a heavy load.
  • Whether you want to weld a washer, wriggle wire, sheet patching, or carbon rod heating, you can do it all with this industrial-designed welder.
  • With this machine, you can get weld quality and finish, and it has been made possible by the adjustable current settings along with pre-programmed time settings. Overheating has always been a problem for spot weld, but you won’t face it in this machine as it gets a cooling fan with thermal protection.
  • For your convenience, Solary has given numerous accessories in the package so that you won’t have to invest more.
Best Spot Welders
  • It repairs dent without damaging the color.
  • Availability of variable current and time settings.
  • Suitable for different types of welding tasks.
  • It can weld from both sides.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • It doesn’t weld uneven shapes.

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If budget is not a problem and you are mostly looking for an industrial spot welder that would suit different projects, then go for Solary 4200, which won’t disappoint you.

5. Lenco Marine LNXL4000 Dual Spot Welder: Comes with 50′ Power input cable

We proudly present to you Lenco Marine LNXL4000 that undoubtedly one of the top spot welders that would satisfy you in every department. Although it is expensive, the features, weld quality, and durability it offers make it worth the price.

Primary Features:

  • 208 and 230V primary voltage.
  • 50AMP line fuse.
  • 20guage max autobody steel welding capacity.
  • Tool storage area.
  • Solid-state timer.
  • Protected control panel.

Features Overview:

When you will look at Lenco Marine LNXL4000, it might not impress you in the first place due to a lack of modern panels and ordinary. But we can confidently say that it will impress you with its dual spot welding capability and quality.

  • While welding, you would never face a shortage of movement, and it is mostly due to its 50inch power input cable along with 5inch welding cable length. Even though it lacks modern features but you will get a protected control panel with an on & off switch.
  • Since it is a single-phase spot welding machine, so it only offers 60/50Hz KVA for facilitating smooth weld performance.
  • However, the main highlight of this high-end spot welder is its capability to weld up to 20 gauge autobody steel, and it puts out the same weld up in every gauge. However, it lacks versatility when it comes to welding different types of materials, and you will only be restricted to autobody.
  • It even comes with a solid-state timer so that you can get better performance out of this commercial-level welder. The manufacturer has given it a sleek body structure so that size won’t be an issue while you carry it
  • However, you can’t carry it just by your hand as it weighs around 110lbs. Despite having a streamlined body, it comes with spacious tool storage so that you can store all the essential accessories in it.
Best Spot Welders
  • It is capable of welding thick autobody steel.
  • Robust construction.
  • Large tool storage option.
  • Extended cable length for easy maneuverability.
  • It is quite substantial.
  • It lacks modern features.

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Lenco Marine LNXL4000 is a heavy-duty spot welder that would get all your job done if you are looking to weld an autobody.

6. Sunkko 788H Double Pulse Spot Welder: Improves Accuracy Of Welding

Sunkko 788H is an all-in-one spot affordable spot welder that not only allows you to assemble battery packs but also lets you charge them. It is precisely engineered with numerous modern features so that you can accomplish all the required welding tasks comfortably.

Primary Features:

  • Push-up welding.
  • Digital display.
  • Battery charging and testing.
  • Adjustable current and pulse.
  • Welding LED light.
  • Portable body.

Features Overview:

Well, Sunkko 788H is a multipurpose machine that can notch up the welding current up to 800amp to assist you in assembling 14500 and 18650 battery stack instantly.

  • With ten different current settings and a 4.2-32V voltage range, you can comfortably weld a nickel-plated steel strip lying between the thickness of 0.05m and 0.2mm. Precision is a critical factor for getting the best weld, and that is why this spot welder comes with push-up welding and foot pedal welding.
  • Moreover, the foot pedal enhances your hand and feet coordination so that you can quickly weld an array of battery packs. The front facade is dominated by a wide variety of features that includes a digital display, adjustable pulse, adjustable power knob, and pressure knob.
  • However, Sunkko 788H is not restricted to only the battery assembling process, as you can also utilize it for battery testing and charging. For charging and testing, it not only offers you a port but also gives you a digital display so that you can understand the charge level.
  • If you face any issue with the control, you can utilize the calibration control interface to rectify it. Many users have commended it for the large number of accessories it offers, which not only makes welding convenient but also spares you from spending any extra money.
  • Although it doesn’t get modern cooling, its large vent with a standard cooling system keeps overheating at check.
Best Spot Welders
  • It is loaded with features.
  • Efficiently welds steel strips within a few minutes.
  • You can charge and test battery packs.
  • You can modify the current, pulse, and power.
  • It packs a lot of accessories.
  • The absence of the USB charging port.

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Sunkko 788H is a value-for-money product that treats you with true welding performance and tons of welding facilities.

Along with the reviews of all the most excellent spot welders, we have also included some essential topics regarding spot welding;

Metals That You Can Use When Spot Welding

Spot welding is a widely popular choice for joining two-piece of metals because it can work with varied types of metals. However, they are mostly utilized for welding two overlapped metal sheets.

    • Steel, stainless steel, nickel, and titanium are the best material because you can easily weld them and get the required finish. However, steel is the most used material in this lot because it has low thermal conductivity and better electrical resistance than the rest.
    • Although there are metals like galvanized steel, zinc and aluminum are compatible with spot welding, but they won’t get you the best result. These materials require a high amount of current, so it becomes costly and challenging to get a decent weld on them.
    • Even though you can spot weld on different metals, but it doesn’t mean you can work on any thickness. In an ideal scenario, you can only work up to three millimeters, but in reality, 0.118inch is the maximum thickness you can work.
    • Although it doesn’t get modern cooling its large vent with standard cooling system keeps overheating at check.
  • So while welding on any metal, you shouldn’t go above a thickness level ratio of 3:1 because either it will yield unfortunate results or will hamper the welder. Moreover, you should try to weld two metals of similar thickness as it will give you a smooth weld.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Spot Welding

Every process comes with pros and cons, and so does spot welding. But it is those benefit that defines this process. So let check out all the pros and cons associated with it;


    • Durable weld is the main benefit that you are going to enjoy when you do spot welding. Since it uses a pressure mechanism and current so it can produce a solid weld that won’t break easily.
    • While welding, you won’t need extra metal because of its electrode, along with the current that does the job. It utilizes an electric current that goes through the electrode, and it efficiently attaches two metals. It also saves you from investing money on extra metals for welding.
    • It is an effortless and swift process that gets the job done within no time. You will just have to connect them to the electric source to start your welding process. However, if the electrode gets old, then the process might get slightly longer than usual.
    • Almost all the spot welders get a portable design, so it becomes easier for you to carry them wherever you require. They get an ergonomic handle and lightweight body that makes portability more convenient.
    • , Unlike other welding processes, it can provide a good weld with a low amount of heat so you won’t have to work around a tremendous amount of heat. Moreover, it prevents you from burning other parts of the metal.
    • It allows you to weld on varied types of metals, so it becomes beneficial in different situations. Moreover, it facilitates you to work on a varied thickness level, thus making it handy for various projects.
  • It serves as a useful tool for beginners because it is easy to use so they can comfortably handle them.


    • A significant drawback of spot welding is that it is quite tricky to maneuver, and the position of electrodes will also confine your movement. So you won’t be able to work on metals that come with special shapes.
    • It can’t work on metal with a high carbon rating, so the number of choices gets limited.
  • If you don’t get the right heat settings, then you won’t get any weld.

What Safety Precaution Should I Take When Spot Welding?

    • Since spot welding often gives rise to spark that can damage your eye so you should always wear goggles or any protective gear. While welding, you should looking directly looking into the spark because it can lead to retinal damage.
    • Electrodes dissipate a lot of heat during the welding process; thus, it is recommended that they cool them properly before using them on a flammable surface; otherwise, it would start a fire.
    • Before you start your welding, it is safe to apply primer, finishing pair, or sealer on the welding metal because it will make the job smoother and reliable.

Best Spot Welders Tips

Here are some essential tips that you should remember;

    • While welding always makes sure you are using an aligned electrode with accurate tips, otherwise, it will jeopardize the whole weld.
    • Use the correct heat setting and a sufficient amount of force because the insufficient amount can lead to poor weld.
    • Always clean the metal surface before you start your welding process because dirt or surface oxide can give rise to unwarranted surface heating.
    • While purchasing a spot welder, it is best to get a model that has variable current and voltage settings.
    • Maintenance is the key to maintain the spot welder’s performance and prevent the electrode from producing a tremendous amount of surface heat. Keep the electrode contamination-free and curb all the buildup.
    • Try to get a spot welder with a high duty cycle because it will not only save a reasonable amount of time but will also improve the efficiency of the work.
    • It is best to opt for a welder that offers Class A weld because this standard ensures that you will get high strength weld quality.
  • Choose the size of the welder based on the tasks you want to achieve because an oversized welder will cause a lot of issues during welding.

Spot Welder V/S MIG

When it comes to the difference between spot welding and MIG welding, there are many things to talk about.

    • Spot welding is a simple solid-state joining process where two metals are welded together using pressure, heat, and current.
    • Whereas the MIG welding liquid state arc welding process in which a solid wire electrode is heated and drowned into the weld pool. When those two material melts together, it creates the weld.
    • In MIG, the base metal used for welding is melted with the help of an electric arc, and it causes the joining. But in spot welding, electricity pass through the base metal, and the resistance faced by the current create heat for welding.
    • A spot welder would get a weld done within a few minutes, whereas a MIG will take the right amount of time to get the same task accomplished.
    • You won’t have to grind the weld area after doing spot welding, but you will need to do some grinding after the MIG process.
    • Spot welder mostly comes in small to compact sizes, so it might not be suitable for large commercial projects. However, MIG welder comes in varied sizes, so it becomes easy for users to choose a model based on the requirement.
    • In terms of costing, MIG is an expensive process, and the user with budget constraints might find it difficult to bear the cost. Spot welding, on the other hand, is highly cost-effective, and with a limited budget, one can accomplish the welding task.
    • The operation process is straightforward, and you will only need the current source to weld two metals. But for MIG, you will have different types of materials to get a good quality weld.
    • Spot welding works better with sheet metal or low thickness materials, whereas MIG can work on both thin and thick metals.
  • Whether you are a beginner or seasoned welder, you won’t have difficulty doing spot welding. But for MIG welding, you would need experience and skill to get a good arc.


1. What is a spot welder used for? How does a spot welder work?
Spot welder is used for a simple welding task where it welds two metals together with the help of the current. Spot welder utilizes a resistance welding technique where the welder passes an electric current through the copper alloy electrodes, and it gives rise to thermoelectric heat.
So when you pressure for welding a particular spot, the heat creates the weld, and it can go up to a max of 12mm.

2. Why is spot welder so expensive?
Although standard spot welders aren’t expensive, commercial models come with a hefty price tag. The main reason behind their hefty price tag is their high duty cycle and smooth yet robust weld quality. Moreover, some commercial spot welder gets premium electrodes that

3. Can you use single-sided resistance spot welding?
Single-side resistance spot welding is not an option if you wish to weld tricky areas in a structure. This welding has many limitations regarding its maneuverability, so you will have to utilize the double-side welding technique to cover tricky areas.
Although you can use this spot welding technique, it won’t give you the weld quality you expect.

4. Can you use a spot welder on aluminum?
You can make use of a spot welder for welding aluminum, and aluminum is slowly replacing steel for various projects. Aluminum is lightweight and offers good weld, so many welders are opting for aluminum for spot welding.


Now, you have gone through the reviews, FAQs, and various other topics, we are confident that you can easily choose the best spot welder depending upon your need.

All the products we have mentioned are thoroughly tested by our experts so that you won’t regret your decision when you choose a welder from the list.

Whether you decide to buy Stark professional 240V or Mophorn 737G, all the models will pamper you with top-notch welding performance and tons of other facilities. However, while working with a spot welder, you should take proper precautions because welding often leads to sudden accidents.

So without wandering here and there, get the right product from the list.