Best Propane Torch: Expert Reviews & Guide

Millions spent with propane torch industry. But no one knows where those dollars are truly spent. There are a lot of companies out there that will try to claim that they have the best propane torch for you, but are their claims worth trusting? Many of these companies make these claims while also not having anything to back it up – and that is what makes it hard to find the best propane torch out there.

The best torch USA report shares the facts and the secrets behind the best torch. There seem to be a million different options and all of them are either rubbish, out-of-date or overpriced. We’re here to help. Our goal is to find the best torches, for the USA and other countries. You’ve got hundreds of options, all with ‘bold’ claims and no-so-bold prices. And that’s before you have to pick one to suit your needs.

Download your copy of our report today! We’ve got all the details on what goes into making the best propane torch in 2020. The team at Best Propane Torch has hand-picked the best torches on the market for sale throughout the USA. Check it out now. We’ve been conducting extensive comparisons of different brands and types of the torch in order to bring you the best propane torch comparison chart in existence.

1. Worthington 336737 WT2301: Best Trigger Start Propane Torch

best propane torch

Selecting the best torch depends on what you want to accomplish. For instance, you may want the convenience of an on-demand trigger start or perhaps you need a fuel stream to pass through an orifice. The Worthington 336737 WT2301 Trigger Start Propane Torch is ready for your needs.

The Worthington 336737 WT2301 Trigger Start Propane Torch is a device that burns off materials, such as rubber, paint, and fiberglass insulation. The trigger start allows for quick reaction time and ease of use. It has a large tank making it last longer than smaller ones. The torch also has an airflow adjustment that allows for more exact control of the burn rate.

This Propane Torch is a trigger start torch. Trigger start torches are designed for use with supported burner systems and will not work with direct gas systems. This torch has a propane cylinder diameter of 2 inches and can be fueled by 1 pound tank (not included). Multifunctional, this torch can be used for grilling, soldering, heating, welding, culinary applications, and more.

The Worthington Tee Jet Flame Trigger Start Torch is a premium torch designed for use with most propane fuel sources. It delivers optimum heat transfer in hot environments, and the easy-start trigger makes it easy to use. The Propane Torch is perfect for any job that requires high heat from burning wood, melting heavy metals, or simply working with hardened alloys.

This torch has a trigger start engine with a regulator and adjustable flame control knob for maximum convenience. Quickly ignite the torch by pressing the push button on top. Its lighter connector is properly designed with an auto shut-off feature so there isn’t a need to hold the igniter down. This versatile tool works great for welding, brazing, heating, and much more.

And with an adjustable flame, it’s easy to regulate the heat output to get just the right temperature for your desired task.

2. High Performance, Weed Burner Torch, High Output 500,000 BTU: Top Rated Propane Torch

High Performance Propane Torch Weed Burner Torch

This High-Performance Propane Torch Weed Burner Torch, High Output 500,000 BTU, Weed Torch with Push Button Igniter (Piezo Electric Ignition) and 6.5 ft Hose for Weed Ice Snow Melter Roofing is strong and steady once connected to a 20-pound bottle of propane. At 13 x 12 x 23 inches this torch has a wide base that stabilizes it well during use.

The high flow torch flame reaches up to four feet and will catch onto tinder almost instantly. This high-performance torch delivers 500,000 BTUs to weed, mulch, and snowmelt with ease. The push-button electric igniter (piezoelectric ignition) lets you light your torch quickly and the 6.5 ft hose gives you more reach than the competition’s units.

The High-Performance Propane Torch Weed Burner Torch features a powerful 500,000 BTU output flame with an instantaneous ignition speed. The torch is ideal for outdoor use for weed control, concrete patio removal, or clean-up of your garden and lawn. It has a flexible 6.5 ft hose that can be used to take the flame wherever you need it!

Our high-performance propane torch is perfect for any weed, brush, or ice removal task. It’s the high heat, high-performance propane torch with 500,000 BTU output. Quickly and easily incinerate unwanted weeds and other brush and overgrowth. Whether you are looking to clear a fence line or add paths in your garden, this weed burner torch makes quick work of tough jobs.

It’s the best-selling most powerful and most reliable propane torch on the market, and it’s made in the U.S.! This torch comes standard with a 420-degree flame, a 10-foot hose, and all the connectors you need to light up your weed burning process. The 500,000 BTU propane torch kit is what you need for large jobs such as landscaping or commercial applications where heavy-duty burning is needed.

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3. Torch, Propane, 39 in L, 10 ft Hose, 500, 000: Excellent Propane Torch

Torch, Propane

Our best propane torch works with any BBQ or grill that takes a 1 lb propane cylinder and is built with a high-intensity flame to quickly heat up frying pans. This easy-to-use torch can be trimmed to the desired length and features a temperature control valve for precision. Features include 10 feet hose, power indicator with piezo ignition, mounting bracket, and freeze guard tank connector.

Our best propane torch includes a built-in piezo ignition, 1-piece high-flow torch head, adjustable flame, adjustable burner control valve and regulator, a stainless steel jet with anti-clogging airflow technology. The flare tip is for quick and easy lighting of BBQ grill grates, deep fryers, charcoal grills. With a sturdy 39 inches telescopic handle and 10 feet hose.

If you are a buyer of backyard tools or any outdoor equipment, our best propane torch is the best choice for you. The best propane torch features a full-size flame regulating trigger as well as a large flame switch for igniting. It can be used for multiple applications, such as soldering copper pipe, completing plumbing projects, and reshaping or melting metal.

With a 500, 000 BTU/h output, it has the power to heat up small pieces of metal incredibly fast. Sturdy steel support brackets have been included to offer added stability during use. It’s a wonder how such a small torch can pack such a punch. At just over 3 pounds, it’s lightweight and packs a lot of power.

It runs on 100% propane so you never have to worry about running out of fuel because unlike other torches that require electricity for ignition, propane doesn’t need any external source to help it ignite. Fits in the palm of your hand produce 700 degrees and have the ability to focus its heat down to pinpoint precision with an interchangeable tip choice.

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4. BISupply Heating Torch with 5 Meter Hose: Perfect Propane Portable Torch

BISupply Heating Torch with 5 Meter Hose – Portable Torch

The BISupply Heating Torch is a professional-grade propane burner that is designed to heat boilers on trucks, construction equipment, and animals. It has a 5 m hose with a quick connect and a push-button ignition. Unlike other propane burners, this torch features a hose with the flame always lighting up. This makes it convenient when you want to use the torch to gently warm something or even light something on fire.

The torch comes with an adapter to fill the tank from any standard propane bottle. BISupply Heating Torch is a powerful device that allows you to enjoy the freedom of burning weeds or starting a fire anywhere and anytime. This handy device contains a long flexible metal hose that will provide you with enough room to move around.

The BISupply Heating Torch is a Portable Propane Torch Heating Tool. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, this torch lighter can resist high temperature and corrosion, durable for a long time use. This propane torch best fits barbeque, industrial melting, and de-sugaring.

This may look like your everyday torch, but the heat emanating from this propane torch will leave you convinced that it’s a whole lot more. We’ve replaced the standard jet flame found on most propane torches with a plug-in heating head that’s twice as hot! This new heating head is designed to heat and bend metal at much lower temperatures than standard propane torches.

The standard jet flame is really only good to heat the material to about 4000F, and then you need to wait for it to cool down before bending it. Our heating torch is specifically designed to reach high temperatures and use in a variety of applications. Torch is made of durable metal material with robust construction for built to last functionality and safety for years to come.

Our torch has a built-in trigger that controls the gas flow so you do not have to try to hold the button while applying heat. The hose is a 5-meter length flame-resistant hose that helps you apply heat to the areas you need without worrying about being burned.

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5. BLUEFIRE Trigger Start Gas Welding Torch Nozzle Head, Extend 1.5″ Tube Piezo: Self Ignition Torch

BLUEFIRE Trigger Start Gas Welding Torch Nozzle Head

This BLUEFIRE Trigger Start Gas Welding Torch Nozzle Head is the perfect tool when working with MAPP Gas. It is typically used in a welding or propane torch but is also compatible with air compressors and similar fuel sources that can accommodate external nozzles. It provides the quickest ignition time and works well for automobiles, farm equipment, and other models as well.

This sleeve-style nozzle head comes with an extendable nozzle tube that allows you to reach the harder-to-get-at places without having to reposition your nozzle. Propane Torch Nozzle Head is made with Copper construction that makes it easy to neat and light, great for home or workshop use for hobby projects, repairs, tinkering, construction work, soldering, and brazing tasks.

The propane torch also comes with an extendable 1.5-inch brass tube that fits into 3/8″ and 1/4″ air compressor output or blower hose connection. Constructed from aluminum with stainless steel hardware and O-ring sealing make this torch the best for any job. This BLUEFIRE Trigger-Start Gas Welding Torch features a 1.5″ extendable neck and an easy-to-carry stand.

Includes Warranty. The BlueFire torch has an extended 1.5″ needle system and replaceable wrench valve designed for a highly focused flame for precise heating of small areas. It’s quick and easy to connect the hose to either disposable carbon fiber or a threaded propane cylinder.

The trigger starts the ignition and the piezo igniter make lighting your Be fuel torch easy, while the piezo self-ignition system allows for hands-free use of the integrated soldering pen. This multi-purpose mini torch is compact, lightweight, and comes with a convenient tabletop stand.

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6. New!! Push Button Igniter Wand Ice Snow Melter Weed Burner Roofing: Outstanding Propane Torch

Push Button Igniter Propane Torch

New!! Push Button Igniter Propane Torch Wand Ice Snow Melter Weed Burner Roofing Remover Torch Lighter. Specification: This is a small but powerful propane torch, which will be greatly helpful for you to heat or burn something. Normally it will be used to heat your barbeque, fish tank water heater, bird bath heater, thaw your frozen pipes, and ignite fireplace logs without a fire starter.

Also very effective at burning weeds and many other jobs. The best Propane Torch you will find! This Propane Refillable Ice Melter Weed Burner works with all of our propane torches. It is the replacement nozzle head for the Ice Propane Torch, as well as any other propane torch with a similar thread on it. If new to propane torches, this is the head that you refill with your propane of choice.

As a general rule, a 1:1 ratio (no more than 10% by weight) of acetylene will work in most all propane torches. This Pushbutton Igniter Propane Torch is a high-quality tool. It can use most propane gas, natural gas usage. The flame temperature can up to 3000 degrees and the hot carbonized infrared ray per minute approx. 735 times, which can melt the snow and ice very fast.

The pipe material is stainless steel, which has good resistance to rust, not easy to age, durable. It also has a good performance on burning weeds, grass, etc. Cleaning of the torch head can be done by opening the protective cover of the torch head in front when you use it.

These torches are used to mount on the side of standard 20lb propane tanks and can be used for melting snow, removing weeds from sidewalks and driveways, burning off roofing materials, and similar tasks. The wand has a push-button igniter that lights the flame with a single touch and automatically shuts the torch off when it senses the user has let go of the trigger.

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7. Electric Start Torch with Push-Button Electric Starter:

High Quality Propane Torch

 Electric Start Propane Torch with Push-button electric starter

Our best propane torch is ideal for soldering. The push-button electric starter ignites the gas and is easy to use. This best propane torch uses standard 1 lb propane canisters that are commonly available. This torch is a must for any Do-It-Yourself (DIY) person as well as the professional person working on all types of outdoor toys, boats, and vehicles that require soldering.

Plus no more messy wires to wind up again and again just press the button and your job is done! The best propane torch for you is waiting in this article. Looking for the world’s best burner that has the best quality, excellent service, and quick delivery? You have just arrived at the right place. Here we are discussing the best product that meets your requirement.

Sometimes while working or doing some job we need a good working propane torch to give us extra facilities like boiling water, melting something, bending a steel or anything else. The best Propane torch in the world is ready to please you. This fire starter can be used for stoves, fireplaces, BBQ grills, fire pits, and campfires. It is perfect to use for cold start-ups.

Be careful when using it to adjust the flame as it gets hot very quickly and can cause burns! Our best electric start torch is the perfect torch for your home, business, or auto repair needs. The button starts electric ignition makes it easy to use. A great gift for anyone who does auto repair work, any man interested in doing their own car repairs or welding projects, or just for household use.

The Big Heat TH828 is a butane-based torch with push-button ignition and starter that makes it easy to light. With adjustable flame control and a big 5-inch propane tank, this torch is the big brother of our best-selling torch.

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8. BLUEFIRE 32“ Weed Torch, Propane Weeds Burner with Trigger Start: High Quality Propane Torch


The BlueFire 32“ Weed Torch is extending the traditional models of the torch, which will help you to replace hundreds of dollars. The trigger starts on the handle provides a 1-Hand operation. A Clear-to-see fuel tank is convenient to check the fuel level. It’s 36 ” in length, with a grill full of weeds, it burns for about 6 minutes without refilling.

Besides, it can also be used as Ice Melting and Campfire Charcoal Starter. Best Propane Torch Gas Blowtorch is hard to beat if you are trying to discover the most effective and reliable torch for propane. It’s portable, adjustable flame height and temperature for melting ice, burning weeds, cutting hair, soldering pipe, barbecuing meat, wax dipping bowls.

Whether you need to control weeds, get your campfire started, thaw ice, kill bugs, or cook food on the grill, the BlueFire 442 is equipped to tackle all of these tasks. The dual ignition allows you to start the propane torch flame with a simple pull on the trigger and quickly turns it into a 4-3/4″ flame that will burn for 20+ minutes per tank of gas.

This propane torch is great for burning weeds, melting ice away from your home in the wintertime or during an ice storm, thawing pipes, starting campfires, maintaining grills and smokers, cooking meat on a grill or BBQ. This Propane Torch is the second generation of our highly acclaimed Weed Torch Pro.

Using the same solid body design as the original, we’ve added some new features and increased the max temperature by 50 degrees to make it even more effective for both weeds and ice. The Propane Torch Weed Burner outperforms the competition in every aspect. The Weed Torch features a powerful 1hp motor to heat up your weeds in no time.

No need to worry about replacing or repairing parts because the Weed Torch is made from only the highest grade materials.

9. PAVEMADE Torch Weed Burner Self lighting, 25,000 BTU, 34 Inches Long: Superb Propane Torch

PAVEMADE Propane Torch Weed Burner Self lighting Outdoor Garden Weeds Killer

The PAVEMADE Propane Torch is a self-lighting, 25,000 BTU Propane Weed Burner that quickly weeds and kills weeds. The propane torch, designed with portability in mind, features an ergonomic handle, trigger start operation, and has a 3.75 ft hose for extended reach. Don’t struggle with clumsy hand starters or torches that you have to drag behind you while you walk.

This Propane Torch is lightweight at only 4 lbs and is easy to use! This Propane Torch Weed Burner Self lighting is a good choice for anyone who needs to burn weeds, brush and grass around the home or in the garden, it is also a great option for professionals working on their landscaping projects.

The 25,000 BTU gas burner ensures that it will be able to eliminate thick weeds and grass without too much trouble. The tool includes a propane tank, but you will have to purchase your own fuel separately. Featuring a trigger starter, this propane torch is equipped with a long nozzle to reach hard-to-access spots.

The 25,000 BTU burn time, 3kW heat level, and 34-inch length makes this the most powerful propane torch out there. In addition, it comes equipped with an ergonomic handle for easy operation at any angle and an included hose and regulator to allow you to attach various tanks or cylinders. This is the premier brand of fuel gas torch, simply light, point, and start the flame.

It provides a portable means of using natural gas to effectively kill weeds, remove moss, or scale. A Pavemade torch is a great tool for outdoor use. This lightweight and portable unit can burn weeds, grasses, and other plant matter in your lawn or another area.

10. Trenton Gifts Propane Torch for Killing Weeds, De-Icer, Small Flamethrower: Amazing Propane Torch

Trenton Gifts Propane Torch for Killing Weeds

If you are looking for the best propane torch to kill weeds, you’ve found it! Each Trenton Gifts Propane Torch Kit includes an all-in-one portable weed killer that is perfect for any outdoor cleaning task. This tough weed spotter will help you to control unwanted grass, brush, or weeds that invade your yard.

Use this heavy-duty torch to get rid of weeds that infest cracked concrete and asphalt driveways, compact gravel, sidewalk cracks, patio pavers, and pool decks. And perfect for de-icing with ease! The best propane torch is a small flamethrower that you can use to kill weeds, thaw wood and pipes in the winter, de-icer and so much more.

Simply hook on to virtually any standard 20oz propane tank and start moving flame. Don’t have propane? No problem, it runs off of LP gas too. It also melted the ice on my car windows. The only downside is that herbicides won’t spread when you use this torch, so, you have to apply them yourself. I now use this propane torch for all sorts of things such as melting the ice on my driveway and walkway.

My children also have blast with this propane torch.” Light up your next project with a fireball from this best propane torch. This little devil can even be used for small weeding jobs. If you dare, point the propane torch at weeds and they will turn brown and dry right up. Or, use it on ice in cracks or driveways to remove it in minutes.

Perfect for thawing frozen pipes, too! The flashlight/pump mechanism features an on-off switch, which makes it easy to start even when your hands are cold and you’re waiting on that last burst to warm you up. The best propane torch in the USA is finally here. This torch is awesome for homeowners, farmers, and ranchers.

Propane weed burner allows you to kill any type of weeds and brush while saving tons of time which saves money. This is the best multipurpose torch. It’s a weed killer, small flamethrower, de-icer, and so much more!