Best Plasma Cutter Under $1000

The best plasma cutter under $1000 is the one that offers excellent value for money and performance. Working with a cheap, mediocre plasma cutter can be one of the worst pains you can experience. Do you want a brand that will work as hard as you do and be there when you need it? You don’t have time to waste.

Plasma cutters that cost less than a grand are often flimsy and poorly made which can lead to safety hazards. Many local companies don’t have a good rating when it comes to customer service. Every time you go to buy a plasma cutter, you find yourself back at square 1 with no clue as to which one is best for your needs. You can spend hours trawling plasma cutter websites (there’s no shortage of choice) comparing specs and analyzing reviews (also aplenty), only to discover most reviews online are sponsored and fake.

Best plasma USA review Resource – our best plasma cutter guide explains in detail the available models on today’s market and helps you select the most affordable model without sacrificing quality. All that you need is right here and now. Now you know where to get the best plasma cutter. You will find detailed information about the most important factors to consider before buying your plasma cutter in our reviews. We will tell you which range from power consumption to material thicknesses/px-gauge or user rating score.

1. LOTOS LTPDC2000D Non-Touch Pilot Arc 50A Plasma Cutter

best plasma cutter under 1000

If you are looking for an easy-to-use plasma cutter that exceeds industry standards, this is the model for you. Rugged and durable, it features a 50 amp pilot arc system that delivers a superior cut and solid welds. The Lotos LTPDC2000D is both a plasma cutter and a tig welder, making it perfect for performing a variety of tasks.

Designed with an advanced non-touch pilot arc, its easy-to-use design enables you to get started on your project quickly. Its hot pursuit 4th electrode keeps your work moving efficiently. The Lotos LTPDC2000D combines plasma, stick, and Tig welding in one compact machine.

It includes a plasma cutter with a pilot arc feature, allowing it to cut materials as thin as 16 gauge without the need for shielding gas. The fly-cutter function allows for instant cuts with simple start control. This cutoff tool features an innovative design with user-friendly operation in mind and can handle any job you throw at it. You can weld on stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, etc.

It comes with the best little torch on it as well. And you know what is crazy about this thing BA WEY!! How powerful it is! And for that price, you must have it! This is a new pilot arc non-touch 50 amp plasma cutter. Ideal for cutting through 0.5″ steel and concrete, and can be used to create smooth cuts on rounded surfaces like cake pans.

The pilot arc uses an initial heating process to clear away debris before the cut. It’s attached to a T-Stick torch and works with a 2-ply consumable electrode (included). Also provides a welding function: 200-amp output transformer, which will run DCEP, DCEN, ACEN wire electrode tips from 6 to 10 gauge. This will also work with most stick electrodes and tips.

2. PRIMEWELD CUT60 60Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc PT60 Torch Plasma Cutter

PRIMEWELD Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

This is a 60 amp non-touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter that has a 5-year warranty on parts and 3 years on labor. The dual voltage of 110v/220v saves money when cutting steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and other conductive materials. The CUT60 is a Non-Touch Pilot Arc PT60/PTA60, 110V/220V dual voltage pilot arc plasma cutter from PRIMEWELD.

The CUT60 can cut up to 3/8″ (10mm) mild steel and features an adjustable pilot arc voltage control to allow for increased cutting performance on thin materials. It will produce rough section cuts in steel up to 10mm thick at a speed of 60 inches per minute and smooth cuts in mild steel up to 3mm thick at 100ips.

With an arc start feature and a maximum current of 60 Amp, the PT60 torch is designed to provide you with the peace of mind needed to take on your most demanding industrial cutting jobs. This plasma cutter is one of the lightest and most compact arc cutters on the market, weighing only 25 lbs.

This plasma cutter features an ergonomic design for added comfort and ease during use plus a heavy-duty handle for total control when transporting. The PRIMEWELD CUT60 has a 60Amp PT60 Torch such as PT60S, PT80, and other major brands. Every Cut60 comes with a variety of features all rolled into one unit.

Primeweld put the latest technology in the Plasma Cutter to provide a safe, quick and easy way to weld pipe, tubes, and metals up to 1/2″ thick. Using the Pilot Arc technology, This lightweight and quiet unit can run off of a standard 15 amp circuit providing up to 60 amps of cutting power at 11,000 volts and uses standard torch tips for effortless bending and cutting.

3. Lotos Non-Touch Pilot Arc CNC Enabled Plasma Cutter

Lotos Non-Touch Pilot Arc CNC Enabled Plasma Cutter

The Lotos CNC Non-Touch Pilot Arc CNC Enabled Plasma Cutter features Dual voltage 110V / 220V, 3/5 inch Clean cut, Digital Display, Intelligent Switching System for Voltage, Intelligent Control with Flame Detector Technology (FCD), THC Torch Height Control & Pilot Arc Monitoring. Great for cutting steel, stainless steel & aluminum.

This plasma cutter produces a 3/5 inch clean cut through mild steel, with a THC torch height control for precise control & a max working voltage of 48V (110V/220V), allowing it to work for everyday cutting tasks. Also, a precise digital control panel allows you to test the machine without turning it on which saves energy.

After an automatic self-diagnosis system automatically stops the machinery when it detects a possible problem with the plasma torch or internal combustion engine cutting out. With dual voltage capability for both 110 volt and 220-volt power supplies, you will have the option to buy voltages that are compatible with your country.

This 30 amp plasma cutter has an extremely high duty cycle of 120%. This means that you can cut more metal in less time without taking a break. It has a THC Capable Torch Height Control, an arc restart, and a workpiece lock-out feature for safety. Use the Pilot Arc to cut parts up to 5″ in thickness, and even remove rusted bolts that are too tough for any other cutter.

This rugged machine is lightweight, automatic arc starts, foot pedal operation, and has an estimated duty cycle of 60 hours on 220 VAC and 120VAC. It integrates all the user-friendly features of a Lotos pilot arc machine with the newest technology in non-touch arc cutting. This breakthrough technology allows this machine to accurately cut parts while minimizing distortion and surface contamination.

The addition of a CNC torch holder that automatically follows along with the shape of your contour cuts means this is one of the most versatile models available. With a 15% duty cycle, this machine is both powerful and efficient.

4. Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter

Hobart Airforce Plasma Cutter

The Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter with Built-In Air Compressor 120V is a fully automatic air-cooled plasma cutter rated at 125 amps continuous duty and up to 350 amps for short-duration work. It includes the air compressor which is important to run the tool. The design of this plasma cutter is what sets it apart from its competition (compression drivers aside).

The reaction chamber has an advanced shape that allows more efficient extraction of plasma. This means it can sustain those high amp loads for longer periods of time before needing a breakdown time. This Plasma Cutter with Built-in Air Compressor 120V is best for making large cuts very quickly on metals.

This plasma cutter cut open steel bolts and threaded rods easily without leaving a weed pattern or shadow. This plasma cutter is also very lightweight (62 lbs) unlike other welders which are 100 lbs or more. Get this plasma cutter if you want the ease of a handheld welder, the power of an industrial machine, and the reliability that comes only with Hobart.

It comes with a built-in air compressor that is suitable for many different Air Force applications. This portable plasma cutter includes a separate air regulator and requires a 120V power supply. The Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutters are specifically designed to use with stainless steel, aluminum, or other conductive metal. The unit comes with an air regulator and control panel, as well as a safety shield.

It can be used on plywood, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and more. There is a three-minute timing cycle which will help save some stress on the machine. A stunning finish is achieved by using this tool. This machine burns through metal roofs and see-through plastics effortlessly. Your hard work will be done much easier with this device in your hands.

5. LONGEVITY Forcecut 40D 40 Amp Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

LONGEVITY Forcecut Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

The plasma cutter dual voltage 110v/220v cut steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, fiberglass, carbon steel, and so on. the LONGEVITY Forcecut 40D is an ozone-friendly non-polluting kind of cutting device. High-intensity power sources make it have superior performance in cutting speed and quality compared with other similar products.

40 Amp pilot arc power source with a built-in chopper circuit to ensure a thorough welding arc as well as a stable arc. 1600 Watt/40 Amp DCSpark for excellent cutting efficiency. With its dual voltage design, the Forcecut 40D pilot arc plasma cutter has an input voltage range of 110v to 220v allowing the user to work with it in almost all countries around the world.

There are many choices in the plasma cutter field but very few pilot arc cutters of this quality for under $1000. The Longevity Forcecut 40D features a 4.5″ x 3.5″ cutting capacity in mild steel, a 2-year warranty, the latest in IGBT inverter technology, an advanced duty cycle of 2% at 60 amps, and a 30 amp automatic voltage transition.

A lightweight, compact, and portable plasma cutter that delivers up to 40 amps of pilot arc plasma cutting power through a 12-inch cutting path. Force cut 40D’s unique dual voltage design allows the machine to be used on low-amperage 110V, as well as high-amperage 220V circuits.

To protect internal components from harm during high-current applications, Forcecut 40D features a built-in internal air compressor that helps eliminate “arc blow” for a safer cutting environment. Easy to set up and maintain, it’s the perfect plasma cutter for anyone looking for great cutting performance at an affordable price.

Either way, this is truly an industry-leading product from a company that continues to produce industry-leading products.

6. CTS-200, 50A Plasma Cutter, 200A TIG-Torch & Stick Arc Welder

TIG-Torch & Stick Arc Welder

Our CTS-200 is a 3 in 1 combo cutting & welding machine that includes a 200A TIG Torch, 50A Spool Gun, and a high-performance 50A Plasma cutter in one package. This kit will meet the needs of any plumbing, electrical, and general fabrication applications requiring cutting, welding, and brazing.

The CTS-200 50 Amp (200A) Plasma Cutting and TIG/Stick Welder is the ticket to year-round metalworking fun! It’s a compact, versatile 3-in-1 wire feed machine that provides for work on both thin and thicker material. You’ll experience quality cuts even with the gun switched off, because this unit may also be used as an air-cylinder-operated automatic water squirter.

Not only do you get a 50 amp plasma cutter but it’s also a 50 Amp (200A) TIG/Stick welder capable of running DC or AC wires. The plasma torch can cut all grades of carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. With its unique design, CTS-200 can be used as a 110v welder when no AC power, Or can easily be powered by the car using the inverter built-in.

The machine features a powerful 200 Amp plasma cutter with a premium quality torch on one end, and a 50 Amp plasma cutter, with the same high-quality torch on the other end. It also features 3 MIG welding set up, 2 TIG coil sets for both auto and manual operation, and argon setup for TIG welding/cutting.

It is capable of cutting plate up to 5/8″, Mild steel up to 3/16″ (A2) Steel Plate, Cast Iron Pipe, Stainless Steel Sheet, and Aluminum plate up to 3/8″ thick. Also, it can be used for Stick Arc Welding, TIG-Welding, or Plasma Cutting. It also has two (2) 3A plasma torch tips, 1/8” Stick Electrode, 3 Ground Clamps, a ground cable with alligator clips, and a 10m air hose that are included with the purchase of this machine.

7. AMICO CTS-200A, 50 Amp Plasma Cutter, 200 Amp HF-TIG

AMICO Plasma Cutter

The AMICO CTS-200A is a great 3-in-1 unit that includes a steel frame, and a high-frequency TIG welding power supply. The other two functions include stick arc DC inverter, and plasma cutting. You can choose from three different modes that the inverter weld functions can be used in.

This plasma cutter is portable with wheels and has a large front panel display that shows you all of the vital stats for each function. This is the best plasma cutter that can handle the different hardness of materials like mild steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel among others. The 3 in 1 welding machine comes with a TIG/Stick cutting torch that also acts as a TIG welder and stick welder.

It has a digital display to control the parameters of heating and monitoring the welding direction and a remote switch for added ease of operation. The power source in any good welder must never stop working. This one gives you three cutting functions and a 4th function that allows you to make brackets and metal parts for auto repair.

I receive my order for the Amico CTS-200a 200 amp plasma cutter in two weeks. It is perfect for personal use that will give you the best of both worlds in arc cutting and DC TIG MIG Welding Applications. With up to 200 Amp of cutting power, this machine can process thick materials quickly; the heavy-duty, all-metal weld table provides stability ensuring a stable work environment.

The CTS 200 A 3-in-1 Multifunction Welder comes complete with a 200 Amp stick welder, an HF TIG welder, and an inverter welder! The result is an excellent multi-purpose tool that meets your needs for welding.

8. Lotos LTP8000 80 A Plasma Cutter with Pilot ARC Metal Cutter

Lotos Plasma Cutter with Pilot ARC Metal

The Lotos LTP8000 80 A plasma cutter combines a 1″ pilot arc metal cutter with Lotos’ signature pilot arc ignition system for efficiency and speed. It comes equipped with a hand-piece, air compressor, torch handle, gas hose, and 10 ft. long 16 gauge power cables. This Plasma Cutter is capable of up to 3000 cuts per gallon. It can cut up to ¼ inch thick mild steel and ½ inch thick stainless steel.

The Pilot Arc Metal cutting feature gives you the ability to cut non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper, and brass. Professional Plasma Cutter with Pilot Arc. I bought this to replace a 40 Amp Hobart Handler 140 my father had gotten at auction. This unit has been pretty impressive so far for the money spent. It is built well, rugged and mobile.

I had to move it around in my shop as I was working on an airboat today and it handled the trip over pretty rough terrain without shambling or re-assuring it won’t collapse on me on the job site tomorrow. This Plasma Cutter is the ideal choice for home, shop, and light-duty commercial use.

Its ergonomic design features a soft start and advanced digital inverter technology, making this plasma cutter easy to operate at an affordable price. The pilot arc feature lets you perform precise linework on thin sheets of steel and aluminum. The pilot arc system and easy-to-change consumables provide optimal performance at an affordable price.

This multi-functional machine employs an advanced circuit and controller to provide high-quality cuts, with a pilot arc start feature to allow for thinner metal cutting. The easy-to-control pilot arc dramatically reduces power consumption, improves arc stability for better precision cuts, and protects the work surface with no spatter or sparks.

A built-in air compressor provides good support for air tools such as air grinders, angle grinders, and sanders. The exhaust system free of exhaust gas rises above the workpiece to avoid contamination.

9. Eastwood Versa Cut 60 Amp Plasma Cutter

Eastwood Versa Plasma Cutter

Eastwood Versa Cut 60 Amp Plasma Cutter Nema 6-50R Plug 220V Input Amperage and Air Pressure Setting Plasma cutters are a type of power tool used for cutting and gouging various materials including metal, plastic, rubber, wood, stone, and ceramic. The typical power range is 50 to 100 amps, although 20 amp models are available.

Their cutting ability is based on the use of high frequency and very hot plasma arc which melts the material being cut. They can be handheld or mounted to a workbench. This full-featured, heavy-duty unit features a state-of-the-art intelligent plasma cutting control system that determines the correct amperage and air pressure to match the material thickness.

The voltage compensation meter monitors even voltage for smooth consistent cuts. The Versa-Cut has a 4 position handle that allows for comfortable right or left-hand use. This plasma cutter comes with Eastwood’s H-Series PowerPlasma torch that utilizes cold plasma for superior cutting.

The Eastwood Versa Cut features an all-inclusive changing strategy that gets you right to work, without needing any additional components. It has pre-set parameters that help it achieve high levels of accuracy, plus convenient features like an adjustable air pressure setting and a built-in hose with a handle.

A plasma cutter uses heat to cut through metal quickly and accurately. It makes a clean cut by creating an arc, which then cuts or melts through the material. The Versa Cut delivers the higher amperage needed to cut thicker materials than most similar-sized units and includes many user-friendly features like an integrated stand, air regulator with digital pressure gauge, and splash guard.

Cutting performance is comparable to larger models but it is more affordable, making it a perfect fit for hobbyists who don’t need or won’t use all the bells and whistles of larger cutters.

10. Eastwood Versa-Cut 40 Amp Plasma Cutter 110/220V

Eastwood Versa-Cut 40 Amp Plasma Cutter

This Eastwood Versa-Cut 40 Amp Plasma Cutter is a new type of plasma cutter that features a user-friendly design and delivers reliable cutting power without the need for complicated setup and handling. This small but powerful corded plasma cutter is suitable for cutting mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, steel, brass, and other ferrous metals.

This Plasma Cutter is a lightweight, portable plasma cutter that weighs less than 10 pounds. It features an articulated torch head for simple arc adjustments, a non-contact Voltage, an Amperage Meter for precise control, works light, and a retractable 4 ft. power cord. Our best plasma cutter has all the power you would expect from an Eastwood product.

The Versa-Cut 40 plasma cutter is a powerful and precise tool that delivers a perfect cut every single time. With an easy to handle turned-down hand wheel and intuitive digital display, along with overload and thermal protection for extra safety, this plasma cutter will exceed your high expectations. Two independent tubes allow the torch to tilt up to 45 degrees to produce a variety of cuts.

This is an ideal solution for fabrication shops and body shops that need the durability of two torch ports without breaking the bank. The Versa-Cut also includes the best warranty in the industry – its 5-year operator protection plan covers the cutter for 5 years, the torch for 3 years, and consumables for 2 years.

And because our parts are readily available, they’re easy to service on your own – there’s no long waiting time. The Versa-Cut is a revolutionary portable plasma cutter that can be used as a conventional plasma cutter on the road or converted to a “stick” welder with the addition of an Eastwood stick electrode kit (not included) making this one of the most versatile cutters on the market today.