The Best 8 Fume Extractors: Review & Buying Guide (2021)

Both welding and soldering are highly useful processes, but like every process, they also have a bad side of producing harmful fumes. Elements like carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen fluoride gas, and carbon monoxide are significant parts of the welding and soldering fumes.

Plus, the fumes are also known for carrying beryllium, arsenic, aluminum, lead, and manganese, and each of them can lead to severe diseases like cancer, kidney failure, and lead poisoning. So how can you breathe in those toxic fumes? A fume extractor can be your savior and help you from getting affected by life-threatening diseases.

Many professionals think that a massive blower fan, using high-end welders, or welding in open space can help them to minimize the chance of getting affected by the fumes. But in reality, nothing can save you from those harmful fumes. A fume extractor is your best chance to protect yourself as they come with an activated carbon filter and power fan.

In our guide, we have come up with the eight best fume extractors available in the market that are worth everyone’s hard-earned money.

Overall Best Pick

KOTTO Solder Smoke Absorber Remover Fume Extractor Smoke...
1,036 Reviews
KOTTO Solder Smoke Absorber Remover Fume Extractor Smoke...
  • Solder Smoke Absorber/Fume Remover/Smoke Extractor Prevention Absorber DIY Working Fan for Soldering Station
  • 0.4 inch thick activated carbon filter absorbs and captures fumes from solder, flux, chemicals, gases and helps to...
  • Optimized 3000 RPM high suction fan is low noise and allows you to remove fumes 5-6 inches away. 4 non-slip heavy duty...
  • Easy to replace filter, Includes one replacement filter. Working temperature: -20℃~60℃, Power consumption: 120V,...
  • US based customer support, 30 days full satisfaction no question asked return period.

The Budget Pick

Kulannder Handy Carry Solder Smoker Absorber Remover Fume...
405 Reviews
Kulannder Handy Carry Solder Smoker Absorber Remover Fume...
  • The Powerful Remove Fume Extrator and handy carry
  • Sturdy Aluminium alloy material
  • Long-lasting working time for over 50,000 hours
  • Easy to replace filter
  • Great for electronics, arts and crafts, and stained glass work

1. The Aoyue 486 Benchtop Solder Smoke Absorber: Best Portable Fume Extractor


Aoyue AO486 486 Benchtop Solder Smoke Absorber

Primary Features

  • Carbonless brush motor.
  • 37 CFM airflow capacity.
  • Stand with an adjustable pivot.
  • Replaceable active carbon filter.
  • 4.4lbs overall weight.

Features Overview

When you search for the best fume extractor, one model that you shouldn’t forget to consider is Aoyue AO486 486 fume extractor. It is a compact size soldering fume extractor that weighs only 4.4lbs, meaning you can easily take it anywhere you want without much difficulty. Most importantly, this device gets a sturdy stand with an adjustable pivot so you can place it near your soldering workspace.

It may look like a small device, but you shouldn’t underestimate its absorbing power, and the credit goes to the carbonless brush motor type. Even though it is meant for art, crafts, stained glass, and electronics works, you can use it for other soldering jobs on industrial sites.

Another reason that many professionals prefer this solder fume extractor is because of its 37 CFM airflow capacity, which is powerful enough to grab most of the sentry soldering smoke. What’s more? The highly efficient Activated carbon filter attached to the powerful fan absorbs 80% of the harmful fumes and ensures a breathable environment in your workspace.

The best part is the fans hardly make any noise even in full swing and maintain a peaceful situation while you are working on a delicate task. When it comes to safety, you won’t have to worry about anything as it is entirely ESD safe.

  • It can absorb most of the foul air from a distance.
  • Comes with all the required accessories and filters.
  • Highly efficient fan and motor combination.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Stiff power cord.


Aoyue AO486 486 is undoubtedly an excellent choice for a portable fume extractor that comes with an impressive performance and affordable price point.

2. Hakko FA400-04 Bench Top Fume Extractor: Hakko Fume Extractor


Hakko FA400-04 Bench Top ESD-Safe Smoke Absorber

Primary Features

  • Low profile design.
  • ESD safe by construction and design.
  • Activated carbon filter.
  • Compact body structure.
  • High suction pressure.

Features Overview

When it comes to the user-friendly smoke extractor, Hakko FA400-04 deserves a mention which has all the features you will need from a top-tier fume extraction system. It is a 19-watt system capable of extracting foul smokes from both welding and soldering workspace while laying down or in an upright stance.

Stay assured that hardly any fume will stray away, and the credit goes to the maximum suction capacity of 1.1 m3/min. Most importantly, the low profile position has enhanced the efficiency and airflow by 2-1/2times than other welding smoke eaters. However, the suction capacity and air velocity vary according to its position, so you need to be careful with its placement.

Safety is a big priority for the Hakko fume extractor, and that is why they are totally ESD safe by design along with ESD safe construction. Geared with an 8g of highly activated carbon filter, it absorbs all the smokes brought by the suction motor and accomplishes the final task without causing any draft.

Once the filter gets old, you can easily and quickly change it without requiring to go through a tricky process. It is incredibly compact and has a weight of around 0.91Kg, meaning you can comfortably fit it in your tool bag and carry it to your job location. Apart from the tabletop position, you can use an additional stand to cater to your suction requirement.

  • Excellent absorbing power.
  • High efficiency due to low profile design.
  • Entirely ESD safe.
  • Highly effective carbon filter.
  • High suction noise.
  • You need to place it very close to the work area.


Hakko FA400-04 is a reliable choice for professionals who want a portable extractor without compromising on quality and built quality.

3. Fstop Labs KOTTO 30-watt Fume Extractor: The Best Kotto Fume Extractor


KOTTO Solder Smoke Absorber Remover Fume Extractor Smoke...

Primary Features

  • 0.4inch activated carbon filter.
  • 3000 RPM high suction fan.
  • Low noise operation.
  • Portable body design.
  • 30-days full satisfaction guarantee.

Features Overview

Kotto smoke exhauster has always been a top choice for many professionals, and this new Fstop Labs KOTTO 30-watt is no different. Under its quirky and compact-looking design, there lies a powerful motor that has the capacity to produce 3000 RPM of superior suction and removes smoke from 5-6inches away.

The exciting part is that the smoke extractor fan hardly makes any sound even in full swing and allows you to concentrate on the soldering task. It has a great practical design when it comes to stability and comes with four non-slip heavy-duty rubber feet so that it doesn’t tip over while it is in operation.

It is entirely built from robust metal, so you won’t have to worry about durability for many years. This fume dust extractor has the capability to work in extreme temperatures and that too without degrading the suction power. Engineered with a carrying handle and weight of 1.71lbs, you won’t have any difficulty carrying this unit anywhere you need it.

Another top feature of this solder fume extractor DIY is the 0.4inch activated carbon filter that captures and filters all the fumes to prevent any dissipation into the working area. Once this filter gets old, you won’t have to buy a new one because you will find two pieces of carbon filter in the package. The manufacturer even offers 30-days full satisfaction coverage, and in that time, you can return the extractor for a full refund.

  • Quiet working operation.
  • High suction power.
  • Flexible placement option.
  • Compact and portable design.
  • It doesn’t work well while standing.


Are you thinking of buying a high-performance yet portable DIY fume extractor soldering? Check out Fstop Labs KOTTO 30-watt that can meet your needs.

4. Kulannder Smoke Absorber01 Fume Extractor: The Cheapest Welding Fume Extractor


Kulannder Handy Carry Solder Smoker Absorber Remover Fume...

Primary Features

  • 2000 ml/min airflow.
  • 500000hour longevity.
  • ROHS, UL, and CUL certified.
  • Updated wire design.
  • Replaceable active carbon filter.

Features Overview

Kulannder Smoke Absorber01 is a highly effective chemical fume extractor that delivers reliable performance even when you place it slightly far away. The 2000 ml/min superior airflow doesn’t let any fume stray away and pollute the fresh air in your workspace. Whether you want to use it in a large or small room, you can stay assured that the extractor won’t let them slip away.

The massive fan comes with a power consumption of 30-watt, which is relatively high when compared with other extractors in this range. This DIY fume extractor soldering may look ordinary but has the capability to deliver consistent performance even in -30-degree and 70-degree.

Constructed from solid aluminum alloy, this fume dust extractor can last for a long time without showing any signs of degradation. According to the manufacturer, the fan has a lifetime of 50,000hours, meaning it can run for a decade. Engineered with active carbon and foam, the filter treats you with a top-notch filtration process and absorbs that is directed towards it.

It comes with updated wire designs with a straight connection so that you won’t have any difficulty in connecting it. This extractor comes with a small form factor and has a weight of around 1.38lbs, thus giving you complete freedom to use it anywhere you want. We would recommend you use it for craft, electronic, arts, stained glassworks, and various other light-duty works.

  • Simple and highly effective design.
  • Low noise operation.
  • Sturdy built quality.
  • It fits in any place without causing inconvenience.
  • The filters in the packages aren’t great.


Kulannder Smoke Absorber01 fume extractor is an excellent choice for DIYers at an affordable price point. It offers a decent set of features that is ideal for small tasks.

5. Weller WSA350 120V Benchtop Fume Extractor


Weller WSA350 120v Bench Top Smoke Absorber

Primary Features

  • 1370 l/min max airflow.
  • Activated carbon filter.
  • Super quiet fan.
  • Adjustable legs.
  • 2lbs overall weight.

Features Overview

From the first look, Weller WSA350 may not seem like a powerful fume dust extractor, but once you turn it on, it will simply blow your mind. Geared with a powerful fan producing 1370 l/min maximum airflow, you won’t have to think about foul air bothering you in your work area.

Moreover, the extractor is highly useful for sites with active fluxes as it readily eliminates all the flux fumes while you are soldering. This solder fume extractor benchtop unit comes with a large hood that helps the fan absorb all the fumes without letting anything stray away. The best part is that you won’t notice the extractor is doing its job because the fan runs quietly without any harsh noise.

One of the significant items of this smoke absorber machine is the replaceable and sizeable activated carbon filter that absorbs everything in its way. The entire design is ESD safe; thus, you can freely use it, worrying about any sudden accident.

Durability is a critical factor for any smoke extraction system, and this is why it is built with high-quality metal and plastic material. This unit comes with two adjustable legs so that you can comfortably place it anywhere on the work desk and do your task easily. It may have a large design, but the overall weight is around 2 pounds to make it easy to port and store in the toolbox.

  • Super silent working.
  • Totally ESD safe with low power consumption.
  • High absorbing power.
  • The filter needs frequent replacement.


If you are new to soldering work, then you will find Weller WSA350 a great option as it is easy to operate and offers top-notch performance.

6. Zhongdi 110V Articulated Arm Fume Extractor: The Best Solder Fume Extractor


Soldering Smoke / Fume Extractor Absorber, ESD, Articulated...

Primary Features

  • 0.63 power factor.
  • ESD safe.
  • Active carbon filter.
  • Articulated long arm.
  • 2000 L/min max airflow capacity.

Features Overview

Zhongdi 110V fume extractor soldering may seem like an ordinary device, but surprisingly it delivers impressive fume exhaust performance comparable with top-end models. Backed by a 110V and 19.2-watt engine, the suction pressure stays intact till the end. Most importantly, the absorbing power is around one-cubic meter per minute or 2000L/min, so you can expect it to grab pretty much all the sentry air from your soldering workspace.

While it is in operation, it reaches a noise level of 65dB, which will be really annoying. To maintain a fresh environment, this device comes with an active carbon filter, and it promises to absorb almost 80% of fumes coming out while you are soldering an item.

Besides, you won’t have to spend any extra amount for owning because Zhongdi has included spare filters in the package. The body gets a sleek and compact treatment, so you won’t cause any inconvenience when you want to accommodate them in your work area.

The adjustable arm gives you maximum movement and assists you in setting in any way to achieve optimum vapor fumes extraction. Plus, you can easily clamp it to the edge of your table or bench so that you won’t spare any extra space for benchtop models. The solid and balanced body construction gives this extractor the durability that it needs for heavy-duty works.

  • Powerful extraction performance.
  • Easy to clamp in tables.
  • The filters are interchangeable.
  • It is quite noisy.
  • Requires installation close to the solder.


If you are on a budget, then Zhongdi 110V is a great option that is totally ESD safe and will deliver a fresh environment while you work.

7. Xytronic 426DLX Soldering Fume Extractor


Xytronic 426DLX Fume Extractor

Primary Features

  • 115 CFM max airflow.
  • 20-22watt power consumption.
  • Long power cable.
  • 130mm carbon filter.
  • Metallic body construction.

Features Overview

A meticulously crafted solder smoke extractor is a great way to introduce Xytronic 426DLX that may look small but has a lot of power to maintain a healthy environment. Based on a 130mm square carbon filter, it gets the job done of absorbing all the smoke fumes from your workspace.

For your convenience, the manufacturer has also given three different fume extractor filters so that you can utilize them based on the type of soldering you are doing. It comes with a powerful fan that produces 115 CFM maximum airflow, so you just have to keep it close to allow it to absorb all the foul air. Unlike other extractors in this price range, this fume exhaust system doesn’t operate quietly, but we think it is justified given its high power.

The brushless fan and the overall structure are entirely built of high-quality metal, so incorporating it for heavy-duty tasks won’t be a problem. Some minor damages or accidental falls won’t cause any setback to the performance of this extractor.

The power cord won’t bother you since it comes with a long power cable and easily extends without requiring a power extender. It has an overall weight of 4.5lbs, so you might not have much difficulty in carrying this chemical fume extractor in different places. Importantly it only consumes around 20-22-watt, so this device also goes easy on your pocket when it comes to energy bills.

  • Powerful and efficient suction pressure.
  • Totally value for money.
  • It comes with spare filters.
  • It is quite noisy.
  • You need to place it near the solder.


If you are finding it difficult to breathe while using your solder, then Xytronic 426DLX can help you out and clear out all the fumes from your workspace.

8. MegaBrand Soldering Smoke Fume Extractor


MegaBrand Soldering Smoke Fume Absorber Extractor Activated...

Primary Features

  • 1000 l/min max airflow.
  • Low noise fan.
  • Activated carbon and foam filter.
  • Antistatic material construction.

Features Overview

The megaBrand soldering fume extractor is a simple yet highly effective device that is not only easy to use but also puts out great absorbing power. With a 1000 l/min maximum airflow, this top extractor can absorb all the toxic air originating during the soldering process and prevent from developing any lung disease.

While it is absorbing all the contaminated air, you will hardly hear any noise, and the credit goes to the highly-efficient low-noise fan. It sits on two legs, which you can modify to create an optimum absorbing angle. The fan hood is also useful in keeping the air directed towards the filter and preventing any air intrusion.

A big advantage you get from this welding air filter is the top-notch filter that contains a combination of activated carbon and foam. The filter is so effective that it can work in any work environment without showing any performance degradation.

Once the filter gets old, you can comfortably replace it with a new filter that comes with affordable pricing. The whole construction is made from antistatic material, meaning it is totally safe for your workshop. However, a bad side about this extractor is that it would give you optimum performance only if you place it within a 6inch distance.

  • Decent absorbing power.
  • Affordable price point.
  • Durable built quality.
  • It is challenging to install the filter.


MegaBrand soldering is an underrated fume extractor that is preferred by many professionals in the US, and the main reason is the consistent performance.

But before bidding final goodbye, we like to show a buying guide and some FAQs which we think will smoothen up your buying process.

Buying Guide For The Best Fume Extractors

You can’t lay your trust in all famous fume extractors as not all of them deliver a terrific performance and save you from harmful fumes. So here are some essential considerations that will guide you to the ideal extractor;

Size and Portability – Depending upon your traveling frequency for work and workspace availability, you should consider the extractor’s size and portability. If you mostly work from one place, then getting a broad and stationary fume extractor would be a smart move. Plus, static models are quite affordable and readily available when compared with portable models. However, if you travel a lot for welding works, then you will need a compact and portable extractor.

Type of Work – Both welding and soldering emit toxic fumes, but the amount is much more extensive for welding than solder. So if your job is mostly associated with welding works, then it is advisable to go for welding fume extractors, which are generally powerful. However, these extractors are quite pricier than soldering extractors, so you need to prioritize your requirement.

On the other hand, if you are more into soldering than welding, a soldering fume extractor would be your ideal choice. Although if you are looking for powerful extraction, then you can use a welding extractor as both of them eliminate harmful fumes.

Adaptability – People often overlook the adaptability of the extractor, but it serves as an essential factor in the buying process. Having an extractor that adapts to any kind of welder and solder is a big plus point. Moreover, it should adapt to different workspaces and improve the efficiency of your work.

Performance – Performance is probably the essential factor that you need to consider while choosing a fume extractor. Making sure it is backed by a powerful motor with a high CFM rating because will ensure all the fumes are absorbed from the welder or solder. While checking its performance, you should assess how close you need to place the extractor to get the desired performance.

Always choose an extractor with high airflow, which will help the extractor throw out all the foul airs without much issue. The performance may vary based on the location because if you are using a workshop, then you will get 100% performance. But if you are using it in open-air with windy conditions, then the extractor will have performance issues as strong wind will cut its absorbing and blowing power.

Filters – While buying a fume extractor, you should assess the filter quality used by the device. Charcoal and carbon filters are the most common filter type used by numerous manufacturers. These filters would be a great choice as they get the job done and also come with interchangeable facilities. You should make sure it comes with a powerful fan because it will eliminate all the contaminants by tunneling through filters.

Safety- You should never compromise on the safety features of the fume extractor. It should come with all the safety facilities like spark resistance technology that prevent fire when an extractor catches sparks from welding or soldering processes.

Build Quality- When you will buy a device for heavy-duty works, then it is obvious that you need it to be built from sturdy materials. It would be smart to opt for an extractor with heavy-duty material construction so that it can last for a long time. Stainless steel is considered to be the best choice at a standard price point.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. How to boost the fume extractor for welding?
The best way to boost the fume extractor for welding is by using it in an enclosed area and keeping the extractor closed to the working area. To get the best performance from the extractor, you should use it in places and with welders that match the requirement.

2. What does a tank fume extractor do?

3. How much CFM do I need for a welding fume extractor?
According to various experts and professionals, you need a minimum of 1000 CFM to extract all the foul air from the workstation to the outdoor area. However, the requirement will vary according to the area you will use the extractor. For open spaces, you will need a higher CFM rating as the blower will have to tackle strong winds.

4. What type of filter can you use for welding fumes in a fume extractor?
Charcoal and carbon filters are the most common filter type that you can use in a fume extractor during welding. You can even use MERV 15 and MERV 16 that are considered to be the highest rated filters that offer filtration performance. However, some experts say that HEPA filters would be the ideal choice as it catches 99.97% effective filtration results.

5. What makes a good fume extractor filter?
A fume extractor filter can be considered as a fair and efficient device when it catches most of the contaminants and hardly leaves anything behind. It should also come with interchangeable and reusable facilities. Most importantly, it should come with high-flow fans so that any harmful fumes couldn’t stray away.

Final Verdict

We hope we have been able to guide you in the proper direction and helped you in finding the best fume extractor that would cater to your needs. Our team appropriately tests all the products we have found out, so you won’t have to worry about their performance, durability, and filtration process.