Best Cheap Welders of 2021 – Complete Review & Buying Guide

Best Cheap WelderWith so many cheap welders on the market today, it’s hard to tell which are good and which are bad. We have done all the research for you by testing several new cheap welders of 2020 in the real world.

In our compilation, you will find information about buying a welder that is right for you, and a guide to help you with all your welding projects. Whether you’re an experienced welder or a beginner, this review will help you make the right choice for your budget and project needs.

We share our test results in an honest, unbiased way so you can finally find the top cheap welders of the year.

Find all the information about which features are vital for your application and what to consider before buying.

Although there are still many lousy quality welders out there, our list of best cheap welders will guide you to the right model.

Overall Best Pick

DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder,160A ARC Welder Machine IGBT...
3,076 Reviews
DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder,160A ARC Welder Machine IGBT...
  • ★Advanced IGBT Inverter Technology:Powerful welder capable of welding mild steel, weld steel, stainless steel and cast...
  • ★Portable Design:This welder features a easy carrying handle,compact design, easy for translation and storage. Very...
  • ★Leading Control Mode:Closed loop feedback control,the output voltage is stable,strong adaptability for electricity...
  • ★Energy Efficient:Reduce the damage of Copper and Iron,obviously increase the welding frequency,and energy-conserving...
  • ★Multi Use: The MMA welder is suitable for welding stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and other metal materials

The Budget Pick

SUPER DEAL PRO Commercial MIG 130 AC Flux Core Wire...
810 Reviews
SUPER DEAL PRO Commercial MIG 130 AC Flux Core Wire...
  • ★ SUPER DEAL MIG130 Welder is a top of the line household welder that is lightweight, powerful and intuitive. Made of...
  • ★ Uses convenient Flux - Cored wire, self release metal-inert gas while welding, prevent oxidation of the welded part.
  • ★ User-friendly interface - Makes set-up a snap with easy to access advanced options. SUPER DEAL mig130 gives you the...
  • ★ Variable Feed Speed Control - Easily adjust current flow by adjusting the 4 buttons for MIN/MAX,1/2. Also features a...
  • ★ Compact and powerful - Weighs only 38 lbs. deal for shop, home or field use. Perfect for welding mild steel and...

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1. Super Deal Pro MIG 130 Welder – The Editor’s Choice Cheapest Welder

Cheap welders can be had in many shapes and forms, but few are as efficient, high-quality, and low-cost as this. The Super Deal Pro MIG130 Welder here is one of the few exceptions.

Super Deal PRO

Key Features:

  • Variable speed control.
  • 50-120 AMP welding current.
  • Automig control panel.
  • Copper tip.
  • Adjustable inductor.
  • PVC construction.



The MIG130 is a perfect choice for light fabrication, repairs, and maintenance work on farm equipment as well as for welding lighter gauge metals (up to 3/8″) that are normally welded by hand, such as utensils and tools.

A great deal for welding professionals, this welder combines power with performance. Durable construction includes an aluminum wire spool clamp, aluminum wire feeder bracket, and fine-wire drive rollers. The workhorse of Hobart™ Advanced MIG Series™ welders, it’s designed to be easy to use and dependable for industrial MIG welding applications.

This welder is also well suited for home hobbyists and for those who are working on vehicle repairs or small metal arts and crafts projects because it has the most essential features you need in a welder—including a powerful motor, easy-to-use technology, and comfortable wire feed speed adjustment—built into one tool that is easy to get started with right out of the box.

This is a 130 Amp 220VAC Welder with a 17ft Ground Rod. This package deal includes a Super Deal Pro MIG130 Welder and a Super Deal Welder’s Kit. The welder is loaded with features normally found on welders costing twice its price. It has an arc force dial for proper polarity, power meter, 3-step trigger switch for precise control over arc output, cast aluminum handle to reduce weight and assure durability, and more.

Most 120V wire feeder welders with only 130 amps require a 220V outlet. But this unit uses a unique 120V design and the ability to put out up to 145amps of power! Perfect for auto bodywork, small farm repairs, or any smaller welding jobs around the house.

With 3-in-1 capability, it can weld in a Flux Core, Metal Inert Gas, or Stick Welding configuration.

  • It offers a variety of wire feed speed.
  • Temperature control facilitates welding on both thin and thick material.
  • Comfortable grip and lightweight body.
  • It gets an array of free accessories.
  • Incredible pricing.
  • Thin flux core wire.
  • It doesn’t cater to heavy-duty work.

Special note:

Well, Super Deal pro MIG130 is undoubtedly one of the finest welders you will find in the market under $100 range. It is an all-rounder welder that not only excels in performance but also in the features department.

2. DEKOPRO 160A – Budget ARC Welder

Finding the right welder at the right price is not that easy. When it’s time to buy a welder, choose DEKOPRO 160A ARC welder.

We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise. You want an affordable, high-quality welder that fits a variety of applications. That’s what you get with this welder. Made with a durable cast aluminum body and equipped with a high-frequency power supply.


Key Features:

  • 10-160 AMP current range.
  • IGBT inverter technology.
  • Closed-loop feedback control.
  • Welding voltage adjustment.
  • Portable design.


A compact, rugged machine that is easy to use and maintain, this welder is capable of performing complex welding functions at home or on the job site. Designed for either 110V or 220V operation, this unit will weld 1/16″ to 3/8″ steel with a capacity range of .023″ to .035″. The unit includes both Duro or Dibbler electrode holders, to suit your welding needs.

This welder gives off a beautiful hot arc that is just perfect for making strong and precise welds. When it comes to construction sites, farm equipment, and even art glass projects, this welder is the best choice for you.

At its heart is a versatile and reliable Digital Hybrid Controller that offers a full range of inputs and pre-set welding programs. Use available analog or digital inputs to monitor welding performance on this advanced yet easy-to-use control panel.

It comes with unique welding dynamic characteristics that control the circuit for offering low splatter and stable welding, ultimately leading to splendid welding efficiency. It even features an advanced IGBT inverter technology with its unique control mode that allows you to weld cast iron, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and weld steel.

With this welder, you are ready to tackle welding jobs and even make things for yourself at home! It grants the portability and mobility you need for welding or plasma cutting on the go. For a beginner welder, this welder has all the basics you need. The machine will provide not only the spark but also some great safety features.

  • It welds different materials.
  • Portable design with robust built.
  • Welding voltage adjustment facility.
  • It gets a stable welding arc with low splatter.
  • The price is slightly high.

Special note:

If are ready shell out more than $100, DEKOPRO 160A MMA welder will be a perfect fit for you. Whether it is performance, design, or portability, it would impress you in every way.

3. VIVOHOME MIG 130 – Great Portable Welder

Looking for a portable welder to do some home projects? The VIVOHOME MIG130 can weld thin metal sheets in minutes! It may not have an extensive list of feature but have enough to accomplish all your household welding tasks.

VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core

Key Features:

  • Flux-cored wired with self-release inert gas.
  • 10-level wire speed control.
  • 4-level current flow.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Free welding helmet and grounding clamp.


It is lightweight, adjustable for your convenience, and can be done in minutes. No need to wait for professional welding services. This welder is small enough to be carried anywhere while providing you with accurate welding.

This MIG Welder is the first and only mini welder with a patented auto-leveling function. It will auto-balance short heavy wire and long thin wire perfectly.

A portable and light-duty MIG welder with an advanced pulse control welding function, this machine can be powered by a 12 volt or 24 volts DC battery pack.

The MIG130 can weld on thin sheet metal up to 1/8 inch thick at any position and has the capability of reaching welding temperatures in as little as 5 seconds. This machine uses .030 inches wire diameter which allows limited welds without the need for flux or gas.

With its compact and lightweight design, it is perfect for mobile operations on construction sites or in factories. The ease of using the utility-type stick welder eliminates the need for a separate machine to perform welding tasks during routine maintenance or repair work.

The welder is also equipped with air cooling which can protect the diodes from getting damaged or even overheated. This advanced technology TIG/MIG welder is equipped with a digital display that can control arc voltage and current independently or simultaneously. What’s more, this MIG130 incorporates a rotatable handle design that can allow users to weld easily.

  • Impressive welding performance.
  • Adjustable wire-speed for catering to different materials.
  • Compatible with 110V home outlet.
  • Ergonomic design and portable.
  • Low overheating issue.
  • It only supports the DC source.
  • It doesn’t suit thick metals.

Special note:

If you are looking for the best budget welder that would suit your DIY projects and home repairs, then you should go for VivoHome MIG130 flux wire.

4. HZXVOGEN HT2000 – Top Stick Welder

Are you tired of lugging around heavy-duty industrial welders just to work on a welding project? Well, no need to shell out the big bucks for the high-powered equipment. Get your HZXVOGEN HT2000 – Top Stick Welder with this incredible deal! It is a must-have for stick welding!

HZXVOGEN Welder Dual Volt Arc

Key Features:

  • 20-140 output current range.
  • 110/220V dual voltage option.
  • Variable control.
  • Portable body design.
  • One-year warranty.


It is lightweight, portable, and easy to carry around allowing you to work in any location. In addition, this powerful welder comes with 2 optional 110 V (220V output) and 140 A output suitable for working on several types of metals such as aluminum, copper, and steel.

Its dual voltage capability makes it convenient for a variety of projects without the need for extra equipment, and its 60% duty cycle provides a longer-lasting performance that’s suitable for most projects. A basic package comes with everything you need to get started: electrode holder, earth clamp, and 30A adapter cord.

This handy little stick welder can weld steel up to 1/8 in. The HT2000 will weld within the range of 20 – 60 amps and between the ranges of stick electrodes, sheet metal, and wire. It’s also convenient to use outdoors because it comes with a small cable that can be plugged into an extension cord or a generator. This small electrical device will fit comfortably on your workbench.

This 30A stick welder features a duty cycle of 60% that makes it easier to adjust for thicker welds, higher amperage settings, and bigger bead sizes. Other features include a compact chassis design with a carry handle on top of its 1.95kg weight and comes with all the accessories you need to get started.

The high-quality electrodes are designed to produce low spatter, and easy arc welding, making the product perfect for many jobs. If you’re looking for a new stick welder that won’t break the bank, then this is definitely one worth checking out!

It uses SPI technology to make arc stable. It has many advantages as follows: 1. Arc start is smooth, and current is stable; 2. Widely used in indoor decoration, and high working place weld; 3. High efficiency and energy saving; 4. The ceramic arc tube can resist high temperatures up to 2750 degrees Fahrenheit.

Considering its optimal power settings and its ability to weld ½-inch steel in this duty cycle, it can easily be used for manufacturing jobs. The positive features of this welder make it stand out from other welders that are also available in the market.

  • Highly affordable pricing.
  • It supports two voltage options.
  • Compact body and lightweight design.
  • It efficiently welds a wide range of materials.
  • Low maneuverability due to short cables.
  • Requires 168 AMP for optimum performance.

Special note:

HZXVOGEN HT2000 is one of the most excellent cheap welders that doesn’t compromise on performance or built quality. It is quite lightweight and compact that you would love to use at home.

5. Forney Easy Weld 299 – MIG Welder at Affordable Price

Investing in the wrong equipment is a huge wasted opportunity. It’s such a waste of money and time, but how will you know which MIG welder is best for you?

Here, we will describe the true value of your money.

Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC

Key Features:

  • 125 AMP capacity.
  • 9-13 DIN shade selection range.
  • Variable wire feed speed control.
  • Thin plate and sheet metal selection.
  • Accepts 2 and 10 pounds spools.


The Forney Easy Weld 299 MIG Welder is easy enough for beginners but has plenty of power for everyone else. It’s great for working on cars, trucks, trailers, farm implements, and more.

This complete MIG kit with a sturdy carrying case includes everything you need to complete your projects quickly and easily—plus it weighs less than 50 lbs., so you can haul it around with ease when you are moving from one place to another.

This product is a 110 Volt, easy-to-use MIG welder that uses standard spool gun style wire and can weld up to 3/8” Mild Steel. It includes a dual voltage auto-ranging power supply; Welding Gun, Ground Clamp, Power Cord, Spool Gun, Wire Spool Holder, Wire Feeder Cap, and Welding Helmet with Shade 12 Glass Lens and Cloth Hanging Strap.

This welder offers the unique combination of features and performance you’ve been searching for in a portable wire feed welder. The welder is designed with the ideal solution for high volume, light production, and garage application use.

This versatile MIG welder features an ingenious Foot Pedal Start control panel for easy start-up and trouble-free arc starting. This is capable of welding steel, stainless steel, and aluminum along with many other metals due to its variety of available interchangeable settings.

The features also include Proprietary Split Core Technology (SCT), 4 Easy Weld™ Shielded MIG Nozzles, AC/DC Capable, Y Stick DC Input & More.

  • Easy to use and carry.
  • It has the capacity to weld 1/4inch of 24 gauge.
  • It can work without gas.
  • It offers varied types of shades in the weld.
  • The flux core wire provides the necessary shielding.
  • It causes a lot of splatters.
  • The wire feed rate is slightly slow.

Special note:

Think to introduce yourself into efficient MIG welding but don’t have much budget? Well, don’t worry as  Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC can cater to all your basic needs. 

6. XtremepowerUS MIG 130 Flux Core Automatic Feed Welder – At Low Price

XtremepowerUS MIG 130 Flux Core welder is an affordable way to join metals. It comes at a very cheap price and it is portable making it an easy welding station to use around the shop or even outdoors.

XtremepowerUS MIG 130 Welder

Key Features:

  • 50-120 AMP current range.
  • 4 Level of current flow settings.
  • 10-levels of wire feed speed.
  • Portable design.
  • Two air vents.


This slender machine has three basic components; the cables, the machine, and the handle. The cables are flexible and therefore safe to use, this helps it avoid gas leaks that can lead to fire hazards. The cables are connected at one end of the machine, while the other end is where you will insert it into a power outlet for your convenience. It utilizes excellent flux-core wire that prevents the welded material from oxidizing because of self-releasing metal inert gas.

The MIG 130 can also be used to make stick and TIG welds. This welder comes with a complete 10ft (3m) gas hose, foot pedal switch & ground clamp, and the Solberg Auto-Set™ gun which is completely preset by the manufacturer for precise wire feeding.

This spot welder is equipped with an adjustable wire speed dial, an AC-DC output, inverter input, and a constant voltage regulator to achieve great welding quality in various situations. For added protection for your safety, the spool gun features a cold cut-off function, spool gun failure protection, and overheat protection.

The machine also comes with a gas regulator that can be adjusted which is then able to change the output of the welder. It has strong capabilities for welding light metal materials. This in turn ensures that you get better quality welds.

What makes this welder stand out from other welders of its kind is that it is an automatic feed. This machine will do it all for you no matter what material you are working with. This welder is very easy to use and comes with everything that you need to start tacking materials immediately. So if you are a beginner or just looking for a good welder for cheap definitely check into this machine.

  • Reasonable price point.
  • Option for different wire speeds and current settings.
  • Small body and portable design.
  • It gets a fair amount of accessories.
  • It can’t do gas welding.

Special note:

If you are in search of a versatile and high-performance welder for home welding task and that too at the budget range, then XtremepowerUS MIG 130 is meant for you.

7. Amico ARC-160D – Pocket-friendly TIG Welder

So you’re looking for a TIG welder, but your budget is limited? We don’t blame you – many top-rated products can be pretty expensive. Fortunately, we came across the Amico ARC-160D TIG Welder, One of the most versatile and dependable TIG welders on the market with excellent bead control.

LCD Stick ARC Welder

Key Features:

  • 20-160 current range.
  • IGBT technology.
  • Dual voltage option.
  • Digital display.
  • Automatic voltage fluctuation compensation.
  • Over-voltage and over-current prevention.


Great for beginners and casual users, Amico ARC-160D is a pocket-friendly machine with the versatility to meet a wide range of needs. The ARC-160D features a large operating panel on its front, and an exercise template for each function to help guide new welders and let them get used to the operation.

It’s a “compact”, powerful and economical welder that will cut the cost of your project. The TIG ARC 160D has the ability to do both AC and DC single-phase TIG welding.

This TIG/Stick Welder is a high-quality, affordable, and rugged 110v unit that does both welding functions very well. This makes it an ideal choice if you are looking for a new unit that does both plug and play DC stick welding.

Like most small TIG welders available today, it comes with a built-in spool gun that is compatible with aluminum welding wire. It also features a welding torch lighter and 110/220V 50/60Hz output for better convenience.

Welding can be accomplished on mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum (requires the purchase of our optional flux core wire). It features 16 Digital control modes (Programmable) including Flux-cored arc starting and peak current limiting, selected voltage, and output pulse frequency modulation.

With the unique “Quick-Start” mode, it can achieve arc starting in about 1/5 second only, which saves much more electric power than the linear mode TIG welding current method.
To enhance the functionality of this machine and to reduce the risk of welding errors, the arc force can be adjusted automatically. A wide range of accessories is also included with this model.

  • It is quite versatile for different applications.
  • Highly portable and durable.
  • Easy to operate.
  • It offers stable welding performance.
  • It can’t weld thick steel.
  • The spring is weak on the holder.

Special note:

Amico ARC-160D is a must buy stick welder for looking to add a new welder in their home arsenal for accomplishing small jobs.

8. CUT-50, 50 Amp Pro. Plasma Cutter – DC Inverter 110/230V Dual Voltage Cutting Machine

A solid machine that can get the job done in no time. The smart Inverter technology allows for clear, accurate cuts and extends the tool’s lifespan. When you need to get a job done quickly and to be left with a clean, professional finish, the CUT-50 auto-voltage plasma cutter is the only tool for the job. Simple assembly instructions make the cutter easy to assemble and use straight out of the box.

affordable welder

Key Features:

It uses SPI technology to make arc stable. It has many advantages as follows:

  • 1. Arc start is smooth, and current is stable;
  • 2. Widely used in indoor decoration, and high working place weld;
  • 3. High efficiency and energy saving;
  • 4. The ceramic arc tube can resist high temperature up to 2750 degree Fahrenheit


The CUT-50 is designed for demanding industrial and construction jobs as well as home or hobby use. It has an advanced design with a torch-style handle that provides a sure, comfortable grip made from heat and impact-resistant material. The torch design is ergonomic and comes with an auto air cooling feature that keeps it running longer between cuts. This cutter comes with innovative improvements that provide extended life and better performance.

All the features that you need to take care of your metal cutting tasks for years to come are built into this advanced plasma cutter such as a separate air compressor, an air regulator and torch switch, and even extra replacement consumables.

The product isn’t like other cutters that use the same design for every application. With an oscillation frequency of 50KHz, it can cut stainless steel, alloy steel, copper aluminum, mild steel, and other metal materials. It is more efficient than conventional models, cutting a thickness of 3/4 in., with a max severance thickness of 1.0 in.

It has a smart sensor that turns the power off when the trigger isn’t pulled, so it’s safe. This plasma cutter also makes use of an i-level digital display with other features like auto slope load type, wire selection, arc force, and more which can be viewed on the LCD screen.

This CUT-50 is a DC inverter machine with a voltage range of 100-240V which automatically adjusts to different input voltages. This is a major advantage over most of our competitors’ models that require manual voltage switching before use, which can be inconvenient to users who need to change AC voltage often. The power efficiency is 85%, the power factor is 0.93, output terminal type is Direct Wire.

Maximizing user safety, reliability and convenience were foremost considerations in designing the CUT-50. The simplistic yet robust control panel provides easy operation with extended size buttons for easy maneuvering and even gloves.

Now, let’s discuss factors that you should consider while going for the best budget welders;

Buying Guide For Best Cheap Welder

If you are new with a welder or have used it a couple of times, it always challenging to find out the best one in a budget range. So to clear the air of confusion, we have listed specific factors that will pave the path for you to the right model;

  • Process Type – First and foremost, you need to determine which welding process you will choose. Whether it MIG, TIG, or Stick, your decision will narrow down your search. MIG is the most welding process, and it would be the right choice as most of the workshop uses MIG. Stick is also a popular process that widely used in various areas but not like MIG. However, TIG is mostly used by professionals, and it is not a suitable process on which you should build your welding skills. You can get a budget model that has both MIG and TIG welding, and it would be smart to take them as they will serve as a future investment.
  • Performance – The performance of a welder depends upon the AMP it offers, and there are numerous models that offer low amp. However, these low amp models are only suitable for welding thin materials, and they don’t generate much heat. You should look for models that come with adjustable AMP so that the thickness of the material won’t be a concern.
  • Power Source – AC is the most common power source for welders, and hardly any welder comes with a DC source. But there are occasions where you might require DC for welding purposes. We would recommend you look for a model that allows the switch from AC to DC and vice versa.
  • Wire Feed Speed – Wire-speed is an essential factor that you emphasize as it will determine the time for welding. Depending upon your requirement, you should choose the speed and always go for a model with variable speed options. As a beginner, you shouldn’t go for high speed as you won’t be able to handle it. However, you should go for too slow speed as well because it will waste a lot of time.
  • Durability- You should never compromise on the build quality even if you are going for cheap models. The budget model you are planning to buy should have a sturdy construction and should last for years, even after daily usage. Always look at the user’s review to know about the durability.
  • Usability – There is no point in using a welder if you can’t easily use it. The welder should easy to maneuver, and all the functions are simple to understand. Check out whether the switch is easy to operate so that you can easily access them while welding.
  • Safety – Safety is a significant factor to consider, and the welder should come with all the necessary safeguards. It should feature proper ventilation and prevention against overheating or overload. It shouldn’t accidentally start and 100% safe for all weather.

Final Thought

Well, it is time to bid an end to this article, and we hope our list has directed you to a good cheap welder that will suit your needs.

We tried to bring varied types of models in one list that ranges from beginner to professional welders so that it can cater to a wide range of audiences. The best part of this list is that you won’t have to spend a chunk of money to get a good performance welding machine.

You can get top-notch devices like Super Deal Pro MIG 130 welder that would satisfy you in every way. For any further query, you can write to us, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.