Sean Coby

Sean Coby is a welder par excellence and well respected among the welding community in Woodbridge, VA. He prides himself to be the fabricator and mechanic in the automotive/ diesel industry for the past more than eight years now. As the chief editor of his, he shares his experience to be safe during welding and to take proactive steps for becoming a successful welder like him.

Welding Health and Safety

Welding Health & Safety

Document Name File Type Environmental Risk Factors for Parkinson’s Disease and Parkinsonism: The Geoparkinson Study Epidemiological study of 959 prevalent cases of parkinsonism and 1,989 controls in five European countries that investigated associations between Parkinson’s disease and other degenerative parkinsonian syndromes and environmental factors, including exposure to solvents, pesticides, iron, copper, and manganese. Using the …

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Welding And the Economy

Welding & the Economy: Best Articles

Document Name File Type Ten Steps to Reducing Your Welding Costs Innovative tips to help lower the cost of welding. SOURCE: James Rosenthal, District Sales Manager, The Lincoln Electric Company HTML Welding-Related Expenditures, Investments and Productivity Measurement in U.S. Manufacturing, Construction and Mining Industries 2002 study evaluates welding-related investments and effects on the U.S. economy; …

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