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Weldinginfocenter is a tools related blog on which we share useful information about different tools and tips. Everyday we are trying to improve ourselves. We are now a family of 25 members.

Who We Are

We welcome you to Weldinginfocenter that is considered the ideal place when you are looking for honest and the finest reviews of tools. We just want to treat you with all the best tools possible so that you can spend your hard-earned money on the ideal product. Here we spend a lot of time examining tools so that we can deliver you an unbiased and highly informative review. We consider all sorts of tools despite their brand name and popularity, so you can stay assured that you are getting the best tool for your requirements.

Not all sites on the internet will provide you an in-depth and honest review because they lack the team of professionals. We employ a team of professionals and seasoned engineered who are dealing with the manufacturing and applications of tools for years. So you can understand that you will be making the right investment at the right product. Our team also keep themselves update with new products and the latest trends so that they can direct you to the right product that will deliver the optimum performance.

With every list, we strive you to deliver the finest range of tools that caters to different requirement and different price range. We don’t promote any kind of brand, unlike other organizations; thus, many visitors rely entirely on the products we include in our list. Whether you are a professional or a homeowner, we can guarantee you that none of the products will disappoint you in performance as well as durability. However, we don’t emphasize a lot on the fancy design of tools; instead, we look for designs that will make it easier to use.

So we hope that our recommended tools will primarily benefit you and help you to accomplish all the tasks you intended to achieve.

What Is Our Motto?

Delivering you the best tools in the market that will suffice your requirement is our one and only motto. We want you to buy tools that do not only offer superior performance, but it is also entirely value for money. We thrive for the trust of our visitors rather than temporary fame that dies down easily.

We want to build a strong relationship with our visitors so that every time they visit our site; they don’t go empty-handed. To help our readers, we employ a team professional who is regularly working in finding the most excellent tools of the market. Most importantly, we want to provide an unbiased review to our readers so that they can choose their product wisely.

How We Test A Product?

When it comes to testing a range of tools and finding out the best from the lot, our team of professionals follows a thorough yet sophisticated process. All the products we include in our list are thoroughly tested, even if the tool is widely popular in the market. We don’t promote brand-specific product marketing so that we can keep a neutral product list.

Our team mostly follow two testing process where first they choose tools by examining their user review and specification. Then after shortlisting all the appropriate tools, they opt for the real-time testing process.

product in the store
In the beginning, our team looks for tools that fit their criteria, and this search includes all the possible products in the market, whether famous and underrated. They don’t miss any of the tools that fall in their search criteria. All the products are evaluated thoroughly based on their performance chart, specification, user feedback, and expert opinion. In addition, they also consider pricing, build material, design, warranty coverage, and usability during the assessment.

In the final phase, they create an initial list of tools that will be tested in the lab for the final assessment. All the machines are then purchased from the e-commerce site, and then they are taken to our specialized lab for real-time testing. Our team then test all the tools under different condition and situation so that they can find out the performance chart.

The functionalities, features, and sturdiness are also tested during this process so that they find out whether they are worthy of the final list or not. Lastly, all the tools differentiated side by side, and this process helps our team to create the final list.

Our team document all the assessments in a detailed report and hand it to our editor team as they are the ones who convey that information to you. The editor team creates the whole blog, and they just convey the information and verdict given by our lab team. They never involve their personal opinion; neither they add made-up statements to make the review appealing. They create the blog in such a way that it is understandable and readable.

Meet The Team

Sean Coby




David Waller

Co-Founder & Planner


Anthony (Tony) R. Nagle

Co-Founder & CTO


Sean Coby – The Editor

– Sean Coby can weld anything except broken hearts and crack of dawn. Apart from being a qualified and experienced welder, and the chief editor of Weldinginfocenter.com. It is where welders take cue for all welding solutions and set their welding standards.

It gives the right blogs incredibly written by Sean Coby to guide not only the beginners, safety welding but also the new innovative ideas in welding techniques.

As Charles Dickens said, “life is made of ever so many partings welded together,” Sean Coby’s life from school time in Woodbridge Middle School, in 1996 directed him to this incredible welding career. He got the Automotive Associates Degree from The University of Northwestern Ohio. Without even missing a day, he obtained 3.4 GPA and has made Dean’s List many a time.
This grade 3.3 Diesel Mechanics Degree got in 2004 enabled him to study the basic concepts of how automotive and diesel engines and vehicles operate. His learning experience in the university includes among others.

Areas of expertise

  • Working with electronic systems with the right diagnosing instrument for them
  • Rebuilding engines within specifications
  • Analyzing multiple issues
  • Rebuilding transmissions
  • Servicing air brakes
  • Doing preventive maintenance on semi-trucks
  • Diagnosing equipment to identify the problems intelligently
  • Using several types of pressure gauges
  • To measure instruments and tools
  • Instead of guessing learned to diagnose issues to find the appropriate and accurate solutions

Sean Coby is also a holder of a couple of licenses and certifications, including on 8-inch pipe for the SMAW process from the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology. He used 6010 electrodes for the root and 7018 electrodes for the fill and cover. Also, the other certifications on Titanium, open root for the GTAW process, shielded metal arc welding 8-inch pipe schedule 80 – 6 G from the American Welding Society.

The professional working experience of Sean Coby started as a maintenance technician from 2012 to 2015 in Woodbridge Auto Parts. Then, he worked as a professional welder from 2015 to 2017 in J & W Welding Co. He is now a senior welder in Carquest Auto Parts, in Woodbridge, VA.

Sean Coby, apart from winning a lot of awards for welding excellence in the past few years, also shares his experiences by way of blogs at https://weldinginfocenter.com . His excellent blogs guide and motivate beginners, safeguard senior welders, and brings in new hope for the future welders for an excellent welding career.

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For our effort, we have been greeted by some prestigious awards, which is a great achievement for our team. Recently we have won the Saveur award that boosted the morale of our team by a large margin. Many organizations and experts highly appreciate our professional’s and editor’s work, and it also counts as a great achievement for us. Although our most significant achievement is still a considerable number of followers we have and it is increasing gradually. According to some sources, organizations like Feedspot and Detailed.com are also planning to reward us with some awards.
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